Friday, March 4, 2011

Holy Cow.. *pantpantpant*

That is what Jo the Wonder Nanny Dog was saying (saying? more like SCREAMING) today as we walked.

Many of you know things have been difficult to say the least at The Asylum, and we are slowly starting to bring things back to a more normal state. However, what many do NOT realize is, NORMAL has been a state of chaos for so long now, we no longer know what any other way of life IS. Seriously. Normal for so long has been living in a literal state of readiness that "letting down" is darn near impossible.

So today, we walked. I dragged the Locust Brothers and Jo out for a 20 minute walk. By the five minute mark, Jo's tongue was almost on the ground and her (rather *fluffy*) sides were heaving. But as long as I kept trucking, Jo did too.

I am pleased to say no, MY (rather *fluffy*) sides were not heaving, nor was I panting and dragging my tongue on the pavement. (Dude... the aftertaste!!!) My hamstrings were abused yesterday by short horses, so THOSE had a few choice words for me, but I cussed back and on we went.

Maybe soon various portions of my anatomy will not be cussing at me, and THAT can be a new state of normal.



Laura said...

Glad you guys got out for a stroll! Hopefully things have settled down a bit so you can do that regularly! Good for Jo and the kidlets... :-)

oregonsunshine said...

My hams are cussing at me 3 days after steam cleaning the carpet upstairs with the hose attachment because I discovered the machine doesn't work well if the floor is uneven. Old houses may look awesome, but their upkeep is only for those with an awesome physique and pocketbooks lined with gold.

I'm feeling tired and worn out. Not sure why.

Glad Jo is still keeping you company!