Thursday, January 29, 2015


Monday night the husband and I were watching the news and a story caught my attention. 

Apparently the majority of adult overweight/obese Canadians that were a healthy weight during adolescence either do not lose weight and keep it off or, if they do, they lose a small amount.  The average being 6lbs.

Pretty damn sobering don't ya think?

That is one group of statistics I want to remain in the minority of!  I'm also extra proud of the 40+ lbs I've lost so far.  This has re-motivated me right when I needed it.

I think I want to write *6LBS!!!* on a sticky note and put it on the treadmill and fridge.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Holiday Weight Gain?

So many people find the holidays a hard time to lose or maintain weight.  I think part of the reason people often gain over the holidays is they feel obligated to have what's offered to them.  So my game plan was to have a little of whatever I wanted, but only if I really wanted it.
I am quite happy to be able to say I didn't gain weight over the holidays, in fact I lost a *teeny* bit more.  And I indulged myself, sometimes a bit too much lol.  I made sure that I also kept myself busy and moving when possible.  Sometimes that's part of the challenge... traveling to visit often involves lots of sedentary time and then when you are out there is often lots of sitting involved as well (playing cards & games, watching movies with the fam, etc)

I went for a massage on Monday, I usually go monthly for maintenance, and when we were doing the usual Q & A about any health changes or pain I told MK that I've now lost 40 lbs :) 
She looked at my sheet and said, "Wow that's another 10 lbs since your last appointment 6 weeks ago!"
(My December appointment had to be missed, and yep I could feel it!)

Now I can happily say I've hit one of my milestone goals, 40 lbs down, but it's not the big one I've been looking forward to.  That one is *soooclose* I can taste it (haha taste it, food, weight loss... yeah sorry weird/dorky sense of humour here) I'm really hoping my next blog post will be about that!

One thing I've really noticed, as my weight goes down my chronic pain is more manageable (for the most part.  I won't lie, I've had a couple bad flare ups) 
OH!  One more exciting bit of news... I sold my Pozzi saddle and started shopping for a "new" saddle.  I found a Lynn McKenzie and tried it out, my mare likes it and I liked how I rode in it AND it's a 14.5 seat!  I've always ridden in a 15 or bigger, I never thought I'd see the day I was in something smaller than a 15! :)

So how have y'all fared over the holiday season?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Awesome Thing

In my last post I had mentioned that the most awesome thing had happened, and then I left you hanging... for a bit longer than I intended oops!

My "winter sport" with the horses is Team Penning.  One night at penning I was sitting on a bench in the lounge chatting with friends when Laureen S came up to me and said "I just have to say you look amazing!  I didn't even recognize you!  Not that you didn't look good before!" 

She proceeded to tell me that she had turned to Nell (my bestie) before the break to ask why I hadn't come with her.  Nell asked her what the heck she meant, then pointed over to where Voodoo & I were chilling and said that I was actually on Nell's team with her.  Laureen told me that I had lost so much weight she hadn't recognized me at all, that she could especially see the difference in my face.

That was a pretty amazing feeling!  It's one thing to know you're gradually losing but sometimes you don't realize how different you look until someone points it out.  Then I realized I had lost (and kept off) at least 30 lbs, if not more, since I had seen her last winter.  So yeah, that was pretty awesome :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Been Awhile

You know how it goes... things are ticking along nicely and then life hits you in the face.  You get too busy, you get injured or sick, changes at home or work.
Suddenly you notice that all the progress you've made is gone... the 30lbs you'd lost has crept back on :(
But hey, that was months ago.  You pick yourself up and get back on track and then the most awesome thing happens... but I'm going to make you wait a day or two for that story!

So yeah, I gained back almost all the weight I had lost.  Life has been crazy, both work and personal, and I'm not sure which way my head is spinning.
But I have picked myself up.  I'm doing something very "unfemale" and putting myself first more often.  I've made some changes in my life that may not seem so big to some people but for me are huge.
I'm still overweight but about to hit a MAJOR goal and I'm feeling healthier than ever (at least physically).  Some of my changes are still a struggle but others are now new habits.  Baby steps right?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maybe I'm Crazy

I've been thinking about running.  The thing is I used to run track in school (long jump, high jump, sprints & relays).  I wasn't great at it but I did okay, but most of all it was fun. 
However after the car accidents and putting on weight running was no longer fun.  My joints hurt and I have shin splints.  But running is still in my mind.
After losing the 30lbs I've found that I can run short distances.  Even something as easy as running across the yard to the barn used to leave me winded and now it's nothing.  And those little sprints have rekindled that "I love to run" feeling.
I know that to start really running again it will take time and I'm hoping that by taking it easy I won't have as much trouble with the shin splints.  I'm pretty certain that losing weight and getting in shape will help with the joint problems too.
Holy heck though, running has gotten technical!  All the discussion about stride & form, different clothing options, etc etc... kinda makes my head spin. 
My goal isn't to run a marathon or even a half, so maybe my goal isn't to be a "real runner".  I'd like to try a 5K though, and if that goes well maybe move up to a 10K.
I'm going to look at some C25K plans (Couch to 5 K) and also see if I might be able to get into a learn to run program at a local runner's store (which will really depend on if it fits my work schedule.)
I've got a treadmill plus miles of roads at home, plus beautiful trails along the river in the city if I'm brave enough to "go public".
Is there anything you used to do when you were younger/fitter that you'd like to try again?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happily Surprised

For the first time in ages I had a good experience shopping for clothes!  I haven't really bought any new clothes, even after losing 30ish pounds.  I was just kinda schlumping along in what I had.  Then I realized that I needed to buy at least a few things.

Pie & I were at Costco and I saw some jeans that were super cheap and looked okay.  Not great, but not horrible and I just wanted a pair or two to get me through.  I found the largest of the sizes they had (I'm still "big") and told Pie that I might not fit them for a month or two yet but they were sooo cheap... he said to grab them seeing as I am slowly but steadily losing weight.
Our next stop was at a local plus sized store so I could get a new pair of pants for work.  I started browsing through the rack and a saleslady came over. 
I explained what I was looking for (black, must have front pockets) and she pulled a few styles off in the smallest size they carried.  I told her I needed them at least two sizes bigger.  She took a step back and sized me up, "No.  You don't.  Try these." (friendlier sounding in person than how that might read lol)
She saw the doubt on my face and grabbed them one size larger as well and said "Just in case."
Of course in the change room I started with the biggest size, and I was surprised when it was too big!  I tried on the smaller ones and they fit! 
Why was I so surprised?  I have lost 30 pounds, of course I should be more than 1 or 2 sizes smaller!  But I was shocked though to be 4 sizes smaller!! :)

Pie & I got home from running errands and as I was putting stuff away I looked at those Costco jeans. 
"There's NO way" was running through my head as I unfolded them... but yes!  They fit too! 
I was so excited that I ran out to the kitchen where Pie was and started doing a dorky little dance.  He laughed and asked what was going on, I told him that was my 'happy clothes dance' and that the jeans I was sure wouldn't fit right away DID fit.  I'm out of plus sizes and into "normal" people sizes!! :D

Best of all, I was able to treat myself to something I've always wanted - blingy cowgirl jeans!  They just don't make them in plus sizes :(   (or if they do no one around here carries them)
Last weekend I took my oldest niece to the Equine Expo and a friend asked if I'd been to one particular vendor's booth, they were blowing out jeans for $20 each!  Of course they were pretty picked over but I managed to find 2 pairs of blinged out cowgirl jeans that fit. 
Officially being out of the plus stores has kinda really brought home the progress I'm making and re-motivated me right when I needed a boost!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Well hello there!

It's been awhile!  Life has had a few changes so I'm trying to get back into a routine... a riding routine, chores routine, work routine and, yes, a weight loss routine.

I got a new job, three months ago.  You'd think that would be long enough to settle into a new routine but my hours are a bit all over the place, not to mention my boss only gives the schedule for a week at a time.  Things seem to be settling into a more predictable pattern though.

I've lost 10 lbs since my last post, which puts me at about 30 lbs down.  Actually I've lost more than that because I regained a few of that 20 lost when I started working.  I was eating off the menu at work and had to have been underestimating my calorie intake.  :(
Not to mention I am moving WAY less than I did during that time I spent at home!  I averaged 12,000-15,000 steps a day then.  Now, between work & winter, I am really lucky if I hit the target of 10,000. 

You'd think being on my feet 8 1/2 hours a day would get me some steps but I get very few standing behind the desk at work.  So I take ANY chance I have to move.  And that's where today's post is going... moving.

(The job, I'm working as a front desk/guest service agent at a new hotel in The City)

Almost everyone at the desk takes the elevator for every. little. thing.  Not me... we get to park in the hotel's carpark (for free, & it's enclosed & heated, bonus in a Saskatchewan winter!) and I take the stairs to and from my vehicle.
Have to take something up to a room?  Take the stairs up & down.  Stat rooms or do floor checks?  You got it, take the stairs!
I used to take the elevator up and then walk down, because for some reason my knees really don't handle the UP part of stairs well.  But if I go up a few flights I'm okay, and I can walk all the way down from the 11th floor without a problem so I've just tweaked my routine and work from the lowest floor and go up.

I'm also trying to walk more at home, which means getting back on the treadmill.  That's tougher though because I am very tired after work and often don't have time before work.  You'd think I wouldn't get this physically tired, it's not a hard job.  But I find that standing in basically one spot is more tiring than getting to move around!

And I'm still planning to snowshoe, gotta find the time & the energy.  Plus I have ponies that need riding, so I'm trying to find time to fit that in. 
The riding will be tougher to fit in, I need to have enough time to ride plus cool out the horse in time to put it back out before I go to work.  Snowshoeing I'll be able to do day or night, as long as I have the energy and it's not too darn cold!

Another thing I've changed is that I'm packing my "lunch" (it's usually supper lol) and eating healthier that way.  I didn't get to garden this summer, and I'm super picky about veggies but I found nice greens that Walmart & Superstore both carry for a decent price.  I pack that, some grilled chicken breast cut into small pieces and have a nice salad.  Add in some fruit, carrots or peppers and a yogurt and I'm good :)

I'm not too far off from a big milestone that I set for myself, and I'm pretty excited about that!  As long as all this holiday food doesn't interfere ;)