Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Progress Check!

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and I got to face th scale once more. I've been stressed at work and my eating habits have *ahem* been less than stellar this week so I was kinda worried about what would happen.

Well, looks like the gym is working it's magic and getting my metabolism the jump start it needed cause I dropped 6 more pounds!!!!

That makes 8 so far, I'm super thrilled!

My Curves announced that they would be closing (Pout!) but I've located another just 15 minutes away so I am going to transfer there at the end of the month. I will stick with this, I will !

I was feeling so good about my body that last week my Mom and I went on a shopping spree and I bought some DRESSES. Anyone who knows me personally knows that me and dresses aren't usually a good mix. But I was feeling so good about myself that I just went and did it and I couldn't be more happy!

Here's to making progress!


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