Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Being an Angel

About a month ago Pie & I watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show... that holiday one they always air late November.  While I will never be a smoking hot, sexy, leggy model, and don't aspire to be, I do like the show.  I like the creativity behind it.  And the wings, gotta love the wings lol

There was one segment though where I paused it and turned to Pie to say "What the hell  were they thinking?" 
There was a song playing that to me just seemed wrong.  Sure it was a catchy song, but with all the focus on the fashion industry/modelling and eating disorders/body dysmorphism I just didn't get why they would put a song like that in.  The lyrics that caught my attention were:
"You make me wanna die.  I'll never be good enough.  You make me wanna die."

I actually do like the song, its by Pretty Reckless (I've never heard of them, clicking the link brings up the lyrics)  I just don't get why the show producers would pick a song where the most discernible lyrics are those ones.  And I have to wonder, if I found the song online and listened to it would it play the same way?  Or did they pump up those lyrics in the show?
Anyway, enough about the song.  Still want to be an Angel?  Not only do you have to be genetically gifted - face it, no matter how much a person diets & works out, if you don't have the genes to achieve it certain things won't happen. But it gets pretty extreme.  Adriana Lima, pictured above (via Google image search), dished on what it takes:
Daily workouts starting months before the show
Workouts become twice daily a few weeks before the show
A gallon of water a day
No solid food for 9 days before the show
2 days before show she will start drinking water 'normally'
No water for 12 hours before the show
Daily workouts, that's not so bad.  Twice daily doesn't sound bad either.  But from what I read of Lima's interview those aren't just workouts, they're hard-core w.o.r.k.o.u.t.s  Water is a good thing, but chugging a gallon a day?  That's approximately double the "drink 8 glasses a day" standard (don't even get me started on that lol)
The parts that really concern me are the no solid food for 9 days and no water for 12 hours.  How many young girls (boys, women, men) with eating disorders saw that advice?
Yeah I want to lose weight, I want to be in shape.  But doing that?  Not healthy.  And that's my main goal!


fernvalley01 said...

Nothing prettier than a passed out angel face down on the runway!!!!! (eye roll)Holy Sh*t That regime would kill many of us ! and so it should. yes they look lovely , but do they look real?

Mrs Mom said...

My husband says "Real Woman Have Curves. REAL Curves."

Works for me.

No solid food for NINE DAYS??? WTF? Dude- I'm sorry- that is insane. Seriously? Do these women etal give a rats arse about what they are doing to themselves long term? Yeeowza...

And FV- Nope. I dont think they look real at all. Its not only real women having curves, its real PEOPLE having curves.

Mikey said...

I saw that too! How crazy is that? I mean honestly, how good can you feel on that diet? I could do it, I'm sure, I've been that skinny before, 5'10" and 105 lbs. Now I weigh 160. I feel STRONG. I don't think I could go back to it. That's the craziest diet I've ever heard of.
Now pardon me, I have a crockpot of ham and beans to attend to :)

Trainwreck said...

SO sad I had a cousin that died from anorexia. It was awful, she was gorgeous! and so talented. her family tried for years and years to help her, and she went to a center to try and get help. It is an awful disease the needs more attention brought to it. These covers of magazines are air brushed photoshopped and retouched. Real women do not look like that!! Sad that young girls think this is how they need to look:( I think we need to get together and for a "Real Girls Have It All And Then Some" reality show!! Show everyone how we can buck hay, irrigate, round up cows, shoe horses,ride, cook,AND eat!! clean our own houses, take care of our families, and not act like be'atches or superficial spoiled brats!! ha ha that was not intended to be a rant, but geez!