Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm still here!!

Things have been a bit crazy but should *knock on wood* settle down. Which is good because I still have to unpack and organize my house AND the barn. Seriously, only what really needed unpacked in both is what's unpacked.
But there are things in my favour for getting both done. First of all our house in the city sold (it was a bit late getting on the market). Most of the outside stuff at our new home in the country is done - other than the chores which always need done... but I'm not complaining! :)

My plan for now is to finish settling in and try to ride as much as I can while the weather is nice. Also to do yoga at the local bar when I can.
Yes you read that right. That's how "small town" our town is. There is yoga in the basement of the bar Monday and Wednesday nights. I work Wednesday but Monday I usually have off. However it is Pie's only day off too so we'll see how that works out.

This winter I'm thinking of either trying my hand at cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Goodness knows I have room to try either. Have any of you guys done either one? Any tips or advice?

And once things are unpacked and sorted enough I hope to have my treadmill unburied and get back to using it on a regular basis.

OH! And right next door is a small indoor arena so hopefully this winter I'll get in some decent riding!!


Mrs Mom said...

Well, even though I grew up in Tundra Country, I never did try my hand at skiing of ANY sort. Snow shoeing now, I've done. And HATED it. Actually took the flipping things off and tossed them into the woods and broke trail through waist deep snow instead of fighting with those blasted contraptions. Good luck to ya if you an master those! ;)

Riding... *sigh*... lucky woman! Ride For Me!!!

Anonymous said...

Oddly, I loved snowshoeing. But, to be honest, I just tromped around my neighborhood. That was a workout alone! I'd love to try it again, maybe really going snowshoeing this next time.

AKPonyGirl said...

I LOVE snowshoeing! My sweetie cuts a trail for me on the snow machine so I have a good packed trail to start with. It follows the same trails we use in the summer for our riding.

There's a mile loop and a half mile loop off the end of that. My neighbor has better trails in the river bottom and we can walk up and down hills.

I generally take the dog and go out a couple of times a week. It's a good workout. Just get the right kind of snowshoes with the snap buckles so the shoes don't aggravate you by coming off all the time.