Friday, October 8, 2010

Day Three Update

I don't know who is complaining louder right now about the "new exercise routine"-- my poor old aching body or Jo the Wonder Nanny Dog.

See, where ever I go, Jo goes. For the first fifteen minutes of each trip, Jo is happy, bounding along, smile firmly on her sweet face, tail going the whole time as she paces along beside me and Wrecking Crew (because the Cub is usually WAY out in front. He runs ahead, and runs back to check on me. Then he runs out, and runs back. Lather, rinse, repeat. For the entire 30 to 40 minutes we are out there.)

Back to Jo.

By about the twenty minute mark, I have to nudge her with my knee now and again to keep her moving.

At the last lap, she is pooped. Today, we added in a little extra distance walking from the end of the trail to the gate at the end of our road. (1/5th mile there and back to the house.) Jo quit by the drive way and looked at me. I swear she was saying, "Really Mom? Are you out of your MIND?" We hit the house and she dives into the water bucket and passes out on the floor for at least an hour.

Poor old Jo.
I know how she feels. Except I don't dare collapse on the floor for an hour- I'd never get UP again. And there is no telling what the Locust Brothers would do to me while I was down either.

Overall though, I'm pleased. Tired, a bit sore, determined more than ever, wondering at what is left of my sanity, but pleased fits the bill.

Day One was documented on here- roughly a mile with some attempt at a slow jog/ shuffle interspersed with walking.

Day Two- yesterday- was walking only, and I added in an extra set of walking the trail out and back again. Cub ran it. Just about the entire time. Again. (Oh to have that child's energy.)

Day Three- today- was good. We walked to warm up, and I jog/ shuffled a good bit. In fact, I jogged/ shuffled about five times the distance of day one. Now lest that sound overly "impressive", the jog/ shuffle added up to about 1/2 the distance of the trail. (Maybe 1/4 mile-ish.)

Tomorrow I'm planning a walk day. We'll see though, how I feel in the morning how long and the speed.

Oh my Kingdom for a horse about now.... this making my own wind through my hair? SUCKS. But as long as it gets me where I'd like to be, I'll Cowgirl Up and get it done.

Now I had BETTER not be the only one out here suffering! Spill it y'all- what have you been doing?


GunDiva said...

Let's see...what have I been doing? Not a damned thing. Been meaning to, though.

Anonymous said...

Errands for the last two days like crazy. Shopping, shopping and more shopping! That means I'm walking around all damn day on concrete floors with only my Nike flip flops on. Unfortunately, my super squishy, wonderful flip flops that are usually so refreshing on my feet must be close to giving up the ghost. So, my legs are sore today.

Pedometer says I've been walking about 5 miles a day for the last two days. Why? Because we keep going back and looking at things, then looking at more things, then walking to the back of the store looking at the first things again, then starting all over again!

Laura said...

Hey y'all! Good to see some posts back on here!

Way to go MM and OS on starting your plans. You have a small cheering squad up here in Tundra country!

Cdn - hope things settle down a bit for you so you can build in some workout time... I have CC skiied and downhill skiied, never tried snowshoes. Haven't CCskiied in ages - good workout and the snow cushions you if you tip over. :-) I've been meaning to buy skis again, but living in the city I have to pack everything in the car and drive somewhere, so it just hasn't happened!

Speaking of "just hasn't happened", that would be my workouts. Not happening at all. D'oh. I was doing super Jan-May and then got sick over the summer and just didn't have the energy. I managed to ride a fair bit though, so I feel good about that.

I'll work up a post in the next few days - hope to hear more from everyone!!!!