Saturday, November 6, 2010

Did You Hear the SCRREEEEEEEEECH-ing to a Halt?

Well, things did just that around these parts. Again.


Well, I could make all kinds of excuses I'm sure, but the main one is... illness.

We were doing great before the trip to CO. Even with a diagnosis of walking pneumonia, the kids, Jo and I were still out there churning out the miles. Only I walked instead of doing the pathetic jog/ shuffle. We were doing GREAT.

The first few days back from CO, I had to re-adjust to the altitude here at sea- level. (I never would have thought it would be THAT much of an adjustment. Trust me- going from OPEN sinuses to packed ones once again sucked MOOSE knuckle.)

We managed two mornings of walking- about a mile each morning. We just were having a bad time getting back into the swing of things.

Then it happened. The kids got what we call Creeping Crud (aka: SickernHell). Sleep went out the window, housework came to a halt, everything stopped as tending two coughing, hacking, feverish, crabby, crying, demanding children took over. I managed to get two nights of OK sleep only to wake up yesterday with the Creeping Crud myself.

Know what y'all? I'm real damn tired of being sick and tired.

FORTUNATELY, I don't appear to have the Creeping Crud as bad as the children did, so I'm hoping in the next couple of days to get back to walking. And even doing some more of that pathetic shuffle/ jog thing too.

That's it from this corner of the world as far as fitness goes. I have not lost any pounds (I don't think anyways- still don't own a scale, and currently I live in sweat pants,) and I still have a teeny tiny bit of sanity left. It's all good, right?

Now, if you'll excuse me, the apple crisp in the oven is getting ready to ding....


Allenspark Lodge said...

Colorado is rumored to the lowest average weight in the nation. If you want to go out and walk/bike/run, you usually can (you can dress for cold...)

Mrs Mom said...

Rub it in Bill.... Rub it in! ;)

GunDiva said...

I thought you were gonna blame Mom's cooking for screeching to a halt and I was going to remind you of all the calories you burned working at this altitude. But then you didn't even go there and now I'm at a loss for some smart assed comment.

So, instead you get this little nugget: Get well!

Mrs Mom said...

Duuude-- I miss your Momma's cooking!!! However, if I ate like that at this altitude, and doing what we do day to day, I'd easily weigh in at more than Estes ;)

Laura said...

Sorry to hear that you and the kids are all sick again! Hopefully it moves through quickly and everyone is back to their wild and wooly selves!... I'm sure you will get back to your walking routine soon.

Anonymous said...

Everything came to a screeching halt here too. Just as I was getting into the swing of running again, I got a deep and lasting charlie horse in my hamstring. I didn't notice until it tweaked my knee and made lots of surrounding muscles sore.