Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do We See A Chance of WALKING?

Maybe.. just maybe...

I feel like I am tempting Fate once again by daring to hope that I can start walking again. It's been so long that we'll be starting over from scratch, but at least we will be STARTING. That's something, right?

Of course, with hunting season in full swing now, we dare not go on our trail through the woods. And since there are brandy new NO TRESPASSING signs plastered all up and down the entrance and exit to the trail, and all along the roadway, I'm assuming that we don't need to be on the trail anyways.

Back to walking the road. Which frankly is boring as all get out.

I'm hoping I can maybe catch the person who owns the land the trail is on, and ask permission (sweetly) if we can maybe continue walking on it. We'll see....

Cross your fingers though. Getting back to walking this week would be Freaking Lovely.


AKPonyGirl said...

Good luck with the walking. To make it less boring walking on the road have you thought about listening to a book?

Anonymous said...

You need to invest in ORANGE. For you, Jo and the kids. Cabela's makes a vest for dogs. You can get cheapo safety vests pretty easily for yourself and well, just let the boys paint themselves.

Even though we're in city limits and there isn't supposed to be a gun discharged anywhere nearby, I've got Molly in her bright pink and am ordering orange for Casey for safety, especially since we're on a busy corner.

Be safe! Or I'll send you a safety vest myself!