Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just Beat

Today, I spent 4 hours cleaning the run-in and pasture, rolling a round out to the run-in (50 yrds) and helping my husband put up hot wire so Ms. Thing (aka Molly) would not be pushing on my fence any more.

Do you know how many calories 4 hours of farm chores burns? 2123 calories. 2123! And that's doing everything on foot and by hand. I.Am.Beat.

After accomplishing all this, I started thinking a fun Biggest Loser challenge might be having the contestants roll 500# rounds around on a farm. Or on sand, if they need more of a challenge. I dealt with a patch of sucking mud higher than my ankles. Yuck!

And how about they spend a day doing chores we do every day. Like clean stalls. Hey! Let's see a contestant clean 30 stalls in 2 hours like I used to have to! That would be awesome!

Or, why not have them put up miles of fencing? Why not have them do something useful, that teaches them a skill and maybe gives them new appreciation for farmers and ranchers? I think that would be cool! What do you think?


GunDiva said...

I totally agree.

The best workouts I've ever had were my daily chores at the livery: brushing and saddling 40 horses, riding for 6-8 hours a day (including loading and unloading guests), scooping poop, and throwing 20 100# bales every day. Not THAT will melt the fat right off'n ya.

Maybe I should give up my day job and go back to wrangling.

Laura said...

Sounds like a good workout! I sooo miss having my own place and doing stuff like that. I had pretty nice arms as a teenager - hauling around water, hay and wheelbarrows was good exercise!

I think farm chores would be a shock for most people! lol

GunDiva - tempting to give up the day job and start working at a stable...the thought crosses my mind regularly

cdncowgirl said...

Do you watch Amazing Race? There was a challenge where they had to unroll big straw rounds to find something in them... I got tired just watching that one!

Anonymous said...

GunDiva- I used to do that much, when I worked at a show barn, long ago.

I miss needing to move 8-10 130# bales of hay every two weeks at the farm in Oregon. After 4 months, I was getting really strong! Enough that I thought the bales were lighter and didn't realize I'd gained strength.

Here, as compared to our farm in Oregon, I have to make an effort to get exercise. And that sucks.

After taking Monday off, I think I'm ready to do more outside chores.