Friday, December 10, 2010

Put Down the Pumpkin Bread, and Back Away SLOWLY!

Or maybe I should say, "Run Bullseye, run like the wind! Get the Hell away from that stuff!!"

I've turned into Betty Freaking Crocker lately. Baking, cooking, puttering... a real Suzie D@mn Homemaker. Oh, Cub, Jo and I are still walking. (Not the Wrecking Crew. He says his legs are too tired. But yet he is out on the jumpoline, jumping for all he is worth...... am I a bad Mom for leaving him behind to avoid listening to him whine and complain the whole 40 minutes we are out there?)

Anyways- back on track with pumpkin bread. Lawsy me. I believe it is a borderline addiction about now. Bucket of coffee in the morning, slab of pumpkin bread for breakfast, vitamins, and I'm good to go. The siren song of the bread does not quiet itself at all though. Oh no. I battle it through the entirety of the day. In the kitchen, which is right next to my computer, it sings to me... calling my name.... "Ohhhh Mrrrssss MoooommmmmmmM!!!!!!!! Here I aaaaammmmm!!! EEEEAAAATTTTT MMMMEEEEEEEEEE..." Noisy bugger.

I know I know... simplest answer? Just don't MAKE any more of it. But how can I NOT? Short of having Dear Husband tie my hands down, or do all the grocery shopping, never letting me set foot in a store that sells the ingredients ever again, (and none of THOSE are likely to happen,) I'm stuck in a rut. A rut filled with nutty, raisiny goodness.

Enough about my food woes though.

We have been walking. Even though Jo the Wonder Nanny Dog strongly expresses her opinions/ disfavor of the idea, we HAVE been walking. Roughly 40 minutes (~ 2 miles-ish), three to six days a week, Cub, Jo and I are out there pounding the pavement. Jo did better today. We only had to call her one time to keep up.

I gotta tell you guys this:

Yesterday afternoon, I sat on the couch to pull on my sneakers. Jo of course, hopped right up there with me, and threw her big bucket head in my lap, turning her impressive belly skyward. Of course, I gave in and was rubbing her belly, telling her what a good girl she was, how cute she was, and whatever else kind of drivel that happened to come to mind.... She had a HUGE smile on her face, her tail was going about 900 mph... until I said, "Hey Jo! Lets go for a WALK!"

The tail stopped in mid wag. The smile vanished in less than a heartbeat, and she rolled an eye up to look at me. The message was clear- My Dog. My DOG. Told Me. To Foxtrot OFF.

She did. My Dog cussed me out and told me in NO uncertain terms to Foxtrot THAT, she was staying on the COUCH.


She walked anyways, under protest.

How are you guys holding up out there? Ready for Christmas and New Years? (I am NOT. Hard to get Christmas-y when it is 60* out ya know?)


cdncowgirl said...

Have my tree up (mini tree, safer to try around the animals) decorative statues on the front porch and wreath on the door. Barn wreath will go up tomorrow (I LOVE that I get to say that!!) Decorations around the house. Hoping to send out cards next week.
Pie didn't get around to doing the lights on the house, which kinda makes me sad but oh well. Shopping is ALMOST done. Have a day trip to Lloyd planned on Monday to meet up with my sis (Lloydminister is about halfway for a meeting point AND has one of my favourite stores)
Slllloooowwwwllly making progress on the house so the treadmill should be free'd up soon!
Have an idea for outdoor winter exercise, should make that into a post. Been thinking on it.
Any chance of getting you to share that pumpkin bread recipe? (although that may NOT be a good idea! lol)

GB Girl said...

Your dog is hilarious! I love it.

We are close to being ready for Christmas. Getting a tree this weekend. Thinking about putting lights up. We are skipping gifts this year in lieu of a family dinner at our house for everyone and the gift of baked goods. Without having gifts to worry about, it's so much more fun!

I can totally relate to your pumpkin bread dilemma. I'll be in the same boat once I start baking on Monday. Arghh! I can't resist the sweet, sweet cry of a cookie begging to be devoured.

fernvalley01 said...

You are one tough cookie! if the dog says no,I would not want to go out either. The pumkin bread problem? you could send it to me , then you wouldn't eat it , but I would , and then I would have a problem! sounds yummy! raisins and nuts are high in fibre if that helps?

Anonymous said...

So, I have two things you can do about the pumpkin bread thing.

1. Substitute half the all-purpose flour for whole wheat flour. It makes it healthier and ups the fiber. And yes, the texture will be a bit denser. You'll survive. Also, you can substitute applesauce, cup for cup, for the oil in the recipe. Healthier yet again!

2. Eat pumpkin bread for lunch, slip on ice, get concussion, vomit said pumpkin bread at the doc's office when you go get your arm x-rayed. My great love of pumpkin bread has never returned. I eat it maybe 3-4 times a year, tops.

As for Wrecking Crew, maybe he's going through a growth spurt and the walking motion (not the near impact-less motion of jumping) is causing him discomfort? Shoulda thought of that when we were on the phone. Duh!

cdncowgirl said...

OS - and here we were just talking on fb about my clumsiness. How on earth did you manage to hurt yourself so bad? (I'm guessing this was in the past)

Anonymous said...

Ariats + Alaskan ice + first winter= OS and concussion.

Sadly, this is probably why I've become hard of hearing to some extent. (Actually, my brain does not always process sound correctly- not a hearing loss issue).

It was January of my first winter in Alaska. Dude was 5 months old. It had been warmer during the day so there was water standing on the ice in places. Of course, ice was everywhere! I wanted to go to the store but didn't trust my driving skills. I'm sure it's because I needed diapers or formula or something. So, I called a cab, got Dude all buckled into his infant carseat, and met the cab outside. I took ONE step off my porch onto the driveway and my feet flew out from under me! I went down hard and apparently blacked out for about a minute. Dude, miraculously, was unharmed. In fact, he was asleep in his carseat still, of which I had dropped and it rocked wildly on it's rocker base when he landed. He, stayed on the porch in his carseat. Me, I was told by the cabbie that I hit my head on his car. I had to be picked up and carried back inside. I didn't want to go to the doctor until my roomate called a friend and MADE me go. The roomate was worried I'd broken my arm because I couldn't use it and apparently I kept blacking out. So, while at the doctor's office getting x-rayed, I became ill and lost my pumpkin bread. I didn't eat it again for about 3 years.

I'm a klutz too, CDN. I my special powers include tripping UP stairs and on SMOOTH pavement. Oh, and vertigo induced dumps by horses at the walk- but that's getting better.