Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

When my cat, George, passed away, I admit I sunk into a bit of a funk. I quit eating well. I skipped my vitamins. I quit caring. Or, at least for a little bit. really haven't worked out at all since last August, when it was more of an intense desire to keep myself busy instead of potentially crying over my dog. There's no excuse. Injuries shouldn't have stopped me completely for so long. So, I decided to do something about it. It helps that on my husband's 35th birthday, Bad Pants also decided that he, too, needed to get into shape. Because while round is a shape, it's not the shape either of us want to be in for our 40th.

We bought a scale. Guess what? The Wii board has been lying to me, by about 12 lbs. I knew I'd gained some weight back since we moved to Georgia, but I had no idea how much. Our new scale is calibrated and accurate to within one tenth of a pound. And, when I weighed myself, I was in for a huge shock. I'd gained back all the weight I'd lost when I lived on the farm in Oregon. More, I was within 1.8 lbs of my all time high, which is about 4 months before any of you met me online, before my venture into Wordpress blogland.

I am horrified

I can't even punctuate that sentence I am so shocked and upset with myself. But, no matter. I am back on the wagon.

Our first step was to re-evaluate how we eat and switch it up again. Finally, after 3 years of effort, I have my husband on the same page with me. We are "eating clean", meaning if God didn't make it, we won't eat it. No store bought processed foods allowed. We even took it an additional step and are following Michi's Ladder from the Beach Body website.

Yes, we joined the Beach Body party. We have started Power 90, although, I know my body won't be bikini ready in 90 days. We are hoping to move to P90X once we're done with this one. But, that's beside the point. I digress...

For almost a week now, we just changed our eating habits. We followed the tiers on Michi's Ladder and decided to start off by eating only from the first three tiers. As we adjust, we'll move to just Tiers One and Two, the Pious and Happy tiers. For us, this isn't a "diet", but a lifestyle change.

It works like this:

Find what you normally eat on the ladder and then substitute something similar on the tier above. A near perfect diet would only consist of foods on Tiers One and Two. There are no calorie restrictions, unless you impose them on yourself. You just simply clean up your eating habits and replace what you used to eat with more nutritious foods. That simple.

While it's not always easy, I do have to say that in almost a week, I've already lost a whole pound. Without exercise.

Now, we're eating from Tiers One, Two and Three, because I can't justify throwing out the rest of the Tillamook cheese Bad Pants brought back from Portland and that AKPonyGirl sent me from Alaska. I just can't do it. And, well, a little extra fat in my diet from the cheese might just help me avoid diet rage since I am counting calories a bit. Quite frankly, Tillamook cheese makes me happy and I'm not going to completely deprive myself. Instead, I will measure my servings so I'm not going overboard.

I started Power 90 today too, modifying it for my ankle so I'd have no real impact. And, I plan on continuing this trend, modifying as needed until my foot fully heals for the next 90 days.

Bad Pants and I took our "before" photos today. No, I won't share them because I have a long, long way to go. I am more than a bit embarrassed and ashamed that I'm back at my starting point for weight loss all over again. Let's just say I won't be riding Casey for a while yet because I don't think I should put him under that kind of strain, knowing my balance is poor as well. No horse did anything to deserve lugging my lard butt around.

Hopefully, I'll have a different opinion at the end of 90 days. I'd like to be ready to move to just eating from Tiers One and Two by then, if not before. And with luck, I'll not be suffering two steps back again for this step forward. I am under no delusion that I'll have a "beach body" in 90 days. It will probably take a lot longer than that.

But, I started today. I took that first step forward.


GunDiva said...

That first step is the hardest. I can't believe you're starting off with Power 90 - that's brutal.

I have fallen in love with the Bosu ball for balance and Gymnastics Boy always has new stuff for me to do on it, so I never get bored. When I started working with him, I could barely stand on the ball portion of the Bosu. Now, I'm regularly working out on the platform of the Bosu (upside down) and my balance has improved so much.

I'm dying to hear how the Power 90 goes.

Mrs Mom said...

Rock it OS and BP!

My exercise for the past two months? Running back and forth from Base One to Base Two at The Asylum, cleaning both houses, trimming when I can squeeze a horse into the schedule and chasing after the kids. Eating has been... spotty at best. Now too terribly bad until this past week, when Johnny Reb came home for the end of his journey. Then all bets were off. I did notice though that I didn't eat MUCH at any one time.

Maybe we can get back into the swing of things down here too. I'm pulling for you to totally kick butt-- BOTH you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

GD- I talked BP down from P90X. That's where he wants to go. I've heard Marines say it's harder than boot camp. :)

So far, so good! I thought I'd weeny out on the weights and have to use 3# dumbbells. (I don't like the resistance bands. I don't like how they rub on my skin). But, I used my 5# weights and chugged right along with Tony and Co. So, I suspect I'll need 8's next week just to reach muscle fatigue at the end of my reps like you're supposed to. Now, having said that, I can feel my shoulders right now AND I had a hard time holding the phone to my ear on just one side for more than 10 minutes earlier.

MM- Thanks for your support! You have no idea how much it means to me.

The main goal over all is for us to be fit enough to run, so we can run a 5k, since I missed out on it last year. Well, and so I don't squish my horse.