Friday, October 14, 2011

October Orthodox Calendar

OK -- Here is the October Orthodox Fasting calendar -- now that the month is almost half over. This is an easy month -- just Wednesdays and Fridays.
I must confess, I haven't been doing a perfect job of sticking to this, but I think even following it inconsistently is helping.
Though I did have a big setback last week. It was potato chips. They are my downfall. I was down amost five pounds, then got one back.
Been trying to step up the exercise. Yoga seems to work best for me.
Still struggling.....


Promise said...

I definitely understand setbacks...I sprained my foot 3 weeks ago and have been more or less laid up since then. I had just managed to push past a plateau when it happened. BUT, although I feel rather gross from lack of activity, I have at least maintained. I'm starting to work some walks in with the puppy to build back up.

Remember there are normal fluctuations of weight day to day and even week to week. Are you weighing yourself at the same time once a week?

oregonsunshine said...

I will join you, albeit a caveat. I'm working on a Reboot program like as discussed on Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I'll be juicing for the next 10 days starting Wednesday, possibly longer. I'm tired of not feeling well. And this way, my body will get a chance to detox, a jump in micronutrients and hopefully I'll start feeling better, less painful.