Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time to Get Serious -- The Orthodox Diet

I believe I have mentioned here before that if I just followed the fasting schedule for my faith, that there would be no weight problem. My husband and I are Serbian (Eastern) Orthodox, which is the same faith practiced by Orthodox people in Greece, Russia, Romania, Ukraine....you get the idea.
We have a LOT of fasting days. The calendar given to us by the church shows those days in red. Every month the days are different, and at Christmas and Easter the fasting period is 40 DAYS.
The rules get complicated (see www.abbamoses.com/fasting), but basically on fasting days you do not eat meat, eggs, dairy, or drink alcohol (I believe you are not supposed to have sex, either!). On the days in red with the notation "Strict Fast," in addition to not having meat, eggs, and dairy you also cannot have fish (except shellfish) and oil. The idea is also to eat small amounts.
So here is the September calendar.....Anyone interested in giving it a try with me?

It is a lousy picture (sorry, I am not good with the camera). The strict fast days are the 11th and the 27th. Otherwise it is every Wednesday and Friday, plus the 11th and 27th.

I really think this will work.....I am going to give it a try.


Laura said...

Interesting about all of the fasting days. I'm not a religious person, so that is sort of new to me.

That might be a good way for you to get started - I hope it works for you.

cdncowgirl said...

I remember you mentioning this before, probably because when I married my husband I was baptised Greek Orthodox.
Myself, I don't fast. Mostly because I never know what is acceptable when. Hubby only follows what his family reminds him to do.

Oh and yes, from what I've been told when fasting you are also to abstain from sex.

Anonymous said...

I recently watched a documentary called Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead. It was pretty moving. Basically, it's about a guy who goes on a juice fast to regain his health. He talks a lot about how fasting can't be all bad as it is something most religions have done throughout history. In fact, he leaves us wondering if perhaps these religious people knew something we do not.

Also, as an aside, he makes himself juices, much like our beloved Steph does. Green veggie juice, apple juice, etc.

So, fasting... I don't think it's crazy. In the Catholic Church, we have fasting days, but they're viewed more as optional. Your church seems to be rather vigorously observant compared to most other religions and even other churches within your sect. (I hope you do not take that as a criticism, as it's not meant that way. Just an observation).

So... My thoughts, now that you have some background to them, is that if, IF you wanted to try fasting as per your religious doctrines dictate, perhaps an easy way would be to do a juice fast on those days? Or just stick to eating only plant matter (fruits, veggies and nuts)?

I've been thinking of trying a juice fast for myself, to sorta reboot my body (that's the theory behind juice fasts outside of Hollywood anyways). But as there are things in Steph's green juice recipe that become aerated and BP is allergic to them, making my own green juice is out. I will substitute Bolthouse's Green Goodness instead. Or Naked's green juice. Maybe that's an easy solution for your fasting days too?