Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Like To Move It, Move It!! ... MOVE IT!!!!

For those of you who are parents, and have seen "Madagascar", you'll be familiar with King Jullian singing that particular ditty. Which always with out fail gets me and the Locust Brothers up and dancing around the living room, looking like we have totally lost our last marble.

But, it works. It gets us MOVING. The beat, turned up loud enough, blocks out those self-sabotaging thoughts of, "But darn, I'm TIRED"... or any other whiney pathetic excuse I might try to come up with.

It wasn't King Jullian singing this morning that got me motivated. Nope. It was Nazareth. Not a very "nice" song to many, I'll refrain from spouting off the title here. But let's just say it fit. The past two months have shown me what I had forgotten.

I had forgotten that I am indeed, very capable of DOING things. Be it trimming horses, heavy work in the yard, fixing fence, chasing the kids, jumping on the jumpoline, I. Can. Do. It.

So, with Nazareth blasting from the house in the background, Sonny Bunz got pulled from the paddock. His feet got trimmed. He was a putz, so he spent some time on the Patience Tree while I got a drink and changed clothes.

Every time those self- doubts tried to creep back up, I'd give myself a mental b*tch slap, and MOVE.

Once I changed clothes, Sonny got groomed.
Then he got ground work.
And then we rode.
And today we loped.
Up and down the yard.

My legs now feel like rubber.
My belly muscles are really reminding me they are there.

And my cheeks hurt from the big sh*t eating grin that has not left my face in umm... what four hours now? hehe

I'll allow some sitting around now, since not only is the horse cared for, the house tidied up, the children fed (again), and the dishes done (again.) And tomorrow? Well, you can bet that in the morning Sonny and I will be back out there, loping across the yard again.

I hate *HATE* exercise. So, instead of "exercise", I am using my horse to get me into shape.

Let's see how this works.....

And what are the rest of y'all up to???? Still too quiet out here!!


oregonsunshine said...

Naughty, naughty ponies and trying to get killed. But, you know about that already. Oh, and I screwed up my knee again...

cdncowgirl said...

Hmmm, didn't picture you as a Nazareth girl lol Maybe you should send me the name of that song... I need something blasting on the stereo while I try to chip away at packing this house!

YAY for loping :)

Beth said...

I had a blast of the winter with my Wii. I Wii play, Wii Fit, and Wii Active.

I really hope to get exercises with my horse soon too. Ground driving Ike is going pretty well. On this site you can figure out how many colories you have burned grooming, walking, trotting, and cantering your horse.

Laura said...

Yeah for you guys! Glad you are feeling all capable again! You can do whatever you put your mind to!

I'm doing ok - was out of town for a week, back at the grindstone now.

Keep meaning to post here, but don't have a lot to report.

Carlton湘嬌 said...