Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Know You've Gone Too Long When....

While watching television... a commercial comes on interrupting valuable program time to lead you down the path of temptation....

In my case, it was a SONIC commercial.

Showing deep, rich, warm, chocolate sauce slowly oozing down over ice cream.

Y'all, portions of my upper anatomy just about rubbed holes in my t-shirt.

The past three weeks have just totally SUCKED diet-wise. For real. For a wide variety of reasons, getting TO the store to replenish fresh foods has been ... well, frankly getting that done has been nigh on impossible. We've resorted to lots of pasta type meals, and bad carbs. Know what? Dear Husband (whose sugar levels are plumb perfect,) and I both feel like CRAP. Wrecking Crew is happy- that child could eat mac and cheese five times a day, eight days a week. The rest of us? Not so much.

The next chance we will have to hit the store will be sometime on Friday afternoon, on our way home from clients. (Always a fun thing to do. Go trim about ten horses and then go to WallyWorld to stock up on edibles. One of these days, I expect to see a story and pictures about us on

At any rate--- lesson learned. Do not allow excuses to throw your "good" diet to the wolves. You'll pay for it in mood, overall feeling like crap, no energy, and cravings for crunchy, crispy veggies and fruits that will wake you in the middle of the night. (OK-- so I'm hankering after a steak and taters too, but I'm ALWAYS craving that!)

Eat well everyone. I know *I'm* looking forward to it!!

Oh- side note. Our Jo the Wonder Nanny Dog is an easy keeper. She is older now, and watching her weight as well has been a priority, as she does tend to get umm.. chunky. Lately, she has gone from "chunky" to well, BLUBBERY. I was quite worried about her, until we figured out WHY she gained so much.

No, the Locust Brothers weren't feeding her THEIR food. They were just giving her about three times her NORMAL amount at each feeding. Jo being a polite pup cleaned her plate so she would not get into trouble. (That's her story, and she is sticking to it.)

Wish MY issue was as easy to resolve as Jo's!


Laura said...

It does seem hard to get to the store regularly sometimes... I hope you guys can get in an out of Walmart without too much hassle.

Oh carbs, how I love them too! I'm really trying to reduce the amount of carbs I eat, but they are just so darn quick and easy that it makes it hard to avoid them.

That is funny about the kids feeing Jo too much. What a good dog she is to clean up her dish every time! lol Hopefully you can regulate the feeding a bit to get her weight back down. (heck, I wish someone would do that for me!)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yes! Over-feeding tends to make our dogs blubbery! For a couple weeks, Dude got Luna and Copper's food mixed up. Coppy got FAT and Lunny was well, a little more than slinky. I couldn't figure it out until he said, "Well, Mom, I feed her! I give her two cups and Copper gets 3 1/2!" Then the light went on! Because Kitty eats more than him and she's older... That's how he decided to sort out who gets what when he couldn't remember instead of just asking again.

I've been eating crap for about a week now. I don't feel good. Emotionally I don't feel good either, but I'm still eating crap. Saying all these goodbyes to my little furry and feathered loves is killing me. It's KILLING me. That's why I'm eating like crap, I'm sure. I don't wanna cook. I don't wanna eat veggies. Doesn't help that BP brought home a giant bag of snickers, milky way, et all mix! He brought it home. He was trying to be nice. Now, I gotta eat it. I can't just throw it away!

But, I did have organic strawberries with my snickers minis this morning...

It will get better when we move, right?

PS I'm selling our exercise equipment to make moving Casey affordable. What's more important, my pony or my health? Stupid question! My pony!

Mrs Mom said...

Update: I hit the STORE today! We are now loaded up on fruits, veggies, salad fixings, granola bars, and as I type my amazing husband is slicing and dicing for a HUGE bucket of SALAD!!!!

I'm drooling. My stomach is growling. I am SO looking forward to sticking my face in some fresh foods.... *sigh*

OS-- chin up girl. You gotta be strong for the Dude-meister, for Casey, BP, and for YOU. Moving sucks. I hate it. But you'll be here soon!!

CyrusD_Ar淑福 said...