Monday, January 24, 2011


So, I've noticed a change. Actually, it's kinda a big change. My chocolate cravings, which bordered on demonic, have decreased*. I attribute this to my vitamins! According to Dr. Joe M. Elrod, the dude that wrote my fibro book, most chocolate cravings are your body's reaction to not getting enough magnesium. Don't know the logic behind it, but ok! Anyways, he says that approximately 75% of the US doesn't get enough magnesium. Now, that doesn't mean all those people are chocoholics, but probably a goodly percentage of them are. I've been hesitant to say that I am no longer a member of that club as it's not been very long at all. BUT, I can say, my little, and I mean little chocolate craving that hit because, well, it was that time of the month, was very minor compared to usual. A little bit of chocolate (ok, 2 candy bars worth) was all it took to tame that savage beast. In the not so distant past, it would have been more like an entire bag of Hershey's Kisses instead. So, an improvement made! One that should help initiate weight loss too!

I have not reacted to our hay beyond the normal got-scratched-and-felt-a-bit-itchy reaction. So, I have re-started the Valerian. We'll see what happens this week! I took it last night. I woke this morning earlier and feeling more rested than I have been recently.

I have increased my water intake. I fill a 32 oz cup every morning and try very hard to have drank two of them through out the day. This is in ADDITION to whatever else I drink that day. Coffee, smoothie, juice, etc. I don't see any difference really yet. But, maybe I'm not really supposed to? I'll have to go look up WHY I'm supposed to drink that much since the government monkeys say that we need only 64 fl oz of liquids, not specifically water, per day.

I didn't do yoga last week. Instead, I started some PT for my elbow and shoulder. I will start yoga this week and see how my elbow, knee, and ankle do.

I think I've made most of the simplest changes now and I need to go back and re-read the book for the ones that don't stick in my brain.

How about you? Did you make any changes this week?

*For the record, until my pregnancy with Kitty, I did not care much for chocolate. Hmm... I can almost draw a correlation there!


fernvalley01 said...

Glad you are seeing results.I struggle with drinking water in the winter, much prefer hot toddies!

Stephanie said...

My most significant change was going 2 months without without a migraine headache - of course when I did get one this weekend I was all bummed out about it, but that is a significant improvement if I can keep it up.

I am currently attributing it to ditching bananas or soy milk or both. We get so much soy in our everyday diet my doc suspected the soy milk was too much. She recommended ditching bananas just because they are a common migraine trigger.

This weekend I had neither but other things were in play.

Laura said...

No real changes for me this week, since I just got back from my trip. I also have a nasty sinus cold, so I'm just trying to survive, for now.

Glad to hear that some of your changes are underway!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Magnesium helps to balance blood sugar levels.

(Sorry for butting in ladies)

Thanks to some Insulin Resistant horses, I have been doing a lot of reading. Simply adding a Magnesium and Chromium supplement to a horse's diet helps to balance out their insulin levels. Which may be why the chocolate craving has decreased?

Anyway, so I started doing some reading because if an imbalance or lack of magnesium can affect a horse so badly, what kinds of things can it affect in people?

It's too extensive to repeat here, but it's worth doing a little google. BTW-According to what they are saying both Allergies and Migraines can be triggered from a magnesium deficiency and/or are often alleviated by adding magnesium rich foods or possibly a supplement.

Anonymous said...

You are always welcome to butt in, BECG! I've read up on vitamins and minerals a lot recently myself. It's a big part of the reason that I followed Steph's lead and started juicing a few times a week and bought a liquid multi-vitamin.