Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On pins & needles

I'm back at square one, again.  The weight is creeping back on.  Partly because I'm making poor food choices and partly because I'm not very good at portion control.  You see if I'm eating with someone that eats small portions I tend to eat a smaller portion.  If I'm with someone that eats a lot so do I.  Unfortunately my hubby is a big guy and eats enough for two people.  I have a hard time reminding myself that I do NOT need to eat as much as I do when we eat together.
So I'm planning on making 'freezer meals'.  Stuff I can cook in big batches and put in portions to freeze.  That way when I'm in a hurry (ummm, pretty much all the time lol) I can take out A portion for me and however many Pie wants for him.

Then there's the fact that I haven't been working out.  My treadmill is buried behind a stack of "get to it whenever" boxes.  Its been too damn cold out to do much outside.  And let's see we're 19 days into the new year and I've ridden ONCE.  The yoga I've been planning on doing (on my spiffy, new, purple yoga mat) has been put on hold.
Now why the no yoga and no riding?  Because my dang shoulder is FUBAR.  About a month ago I fell when I landed on the deck after coming off the roof (I did NOT fall OFF the ROOF, I fell when I landed after CHOOSING to let myself off the roof... there is a difference)
I've been getting chiro done on it regularly, and its helped a lot.  The pain is more or less gone, well as 'pain free' as I ever tend to get.  However the range of motion is limited and my chiropractor is concerned that we may have to worry about 'frozen shoulder'.  Hence the post title... we're moving on to trying acupuncture.

Sooo, let's hope the acupuncture and stretching works.  Then I can start the yoga, and saddling my pony!  And yes now that I've been able to admit to myself (and y'all!) that I need to eat more consciously I hope to get back on track with that too.


Stephanie said...

That shoulder thing sounds no good at all. Have you gone to your regular doctor yet?

Anonymous said...

Have you looked into the viniyoga at all? There's one for shoulder and upper back work. I got my dvd yesterday and watched the lecture section of it. He was very thorough in explaining how yoga can help with back/hip/shoulder pain.

Laura said...

hope the acupuncture helps... Physio might help too, if that is an option for you... Having troubles like that don't make it easy to start a workout program!