Friday, January 28, 2011

Reality - a dish best served cold

(oh wait, it's supposed to be "Revenge, a dish best served cold..." lol)


I haven't posted here in awhile, as I haven't really had much to report since my last post waaaay back on December 3rd! I've kind of been in a holding pattern just to get through Christmas and my latest vacation.

As I was looking through some pictures from my trip - there was one of me that really highlighted my weight - and it really shocked me. Now, it is no big surprise that I need to lose some weight, but seeing myself as others might kinda had me at a loss for words. That photo will be my motivation to start making some changes to my diet, as well as my attitude!

I feel that this coming week is my "new year". I was so busy over the holidays and most of January that I didn't have time to get things organized. Now that I am home and all of the big stuff is done and taken care of, I can get down to business. And that business is taking care of me. Me, myself and I -nothing else to draw my attention away from this all-important task. It might be a bit scary and get a bit messy, but it has to be done.

I like OS's idea of implementing one or two changes a week to help things "stick" a bit more. My first change is bringing my lunch and snacks to work every day, except Fridays. I often go out wtih some friends on Fridays, so that is a free day for lunch. I brought my lunch for 9 days in a row after Xmas and I have lunch for today as well. This one is a big deal for me - it impacts my finances, as well as my diet.

It isn't hard to spend $5 for a coffee/tea/muffin for a snack and $10-15 for lunch everday. That could be almost $100 (or more!) per week!!! Ouch! Not to mention the fact that eating out is rarely healthy - the closest places to me are Subway and McDonalds. Not the greatest options for me on a regular basis.

So, next week is my first full work-week and I will be planning out food, shopping and cooking this weekend to get things in order.

The other change that I've been working on since Christmas is a small one, but important for my health. I have been flossing my teeth every day - I always flossed before, but never consistently, so it's just something that I've worked on adding to my evening routine. I'm sure my gums will thank me for it!

I think next week's change will be something to do with exercise - I need to get rolling on that, as I want to be in good shape to start riding in a couple of months (if it ever warms up around here!) I have a few more changes I want to start implementing, but I'll write about them later on.

I hope everyone is doing well with their own changes!


wilsonc said...

Sounds like you are on the right track! Congratulations on your new resolve. Won't be long and you will be reaping the rewards. I did something similar to this last year and it has been a wonderful experience. I still have difficult days...sometimes it's a difficult week buy it never takes me long to realize what I have to lose and get back on track. In regards to your lunches out with friends on Fridays I'd like to offer you a tip that was given to me. Before you order ask yourself, is this lunch about the food or about the friends? It's sometimes easier to make the healthier choice or not to eat as much if the choice is not so healthy when you are focusing on the friendship and not the food.

Keebler said...

wilsonc - thanks! Good tip about the Friday lunches - it is about the friendship and we usually try to encourage each other to order a salad!

cdncowgirl said...

I don't floss as regularly as I should, but I do try to do it at night... helps prevent late night snacking because I don't want to do it a second time! lol

Will you be working out with your trainer again?

Anonymous said...

One or two changes at a time has been pretty easy. I really do need to get off my butt and start doing some exercise. But, the important part is that I'm starting to feel better.

I like that you're making not just changes that affect your physical health, but your financial health, which was a goal last year too, if I remember correctly.

Keebler said...

Cdn - no trainer this time around, sadly. He was great and really motivating, but also realllly expensive. I just can't justify the expense again - especially seeing as how I undid all the good I did last year...still kinda bummed about that.

OS - yep - I think I need my goals/changes to impact several areas of my life for them to stick... And you are correct - working on my finances was (and still is) a goal for me... I sometimes replace eating with shopping when I'm feeling down/frustrated/angry - doesn't really help things much. Sometimes having a bit of a disposable income almost makes things worse.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear you, Laura. I kinda do the same thing too. I'm trying to replace eating and shopping with being outside and doing something. We have disposable income ourselves and I'd rather be saving it to buy our own place. Only, I've got to work on that shopping bit.

Promise said...

I just made my weekend by doing my measurements for the start of month 2 into my resolution! (and I did them a few days early, too!) Neck, arms and calves, I have lost 1/2 inch each. Bust, waist, -2 inches each. Hips and thighs, -1.5 inches each. Woot!

I am also down 6 lbs at last check which was Tuesday morning.

Laura said...

Promise - great job! Losing inches is a big deal!!