Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Calling My Fellow Bloggers...

I need some information, education, support... all of it.

Dear Husband found out a lot--- A. L-O-T.--- of information today. His recent hospitalization left us reeling, but what happened today was a real shake up, wake up call.

He got up this morning, feeling OK aside from a headache. Started feeling.. not so good, and checked his blood sugar.

And it was 377.


Off to the Doctor he went, and we have found out that he is now diabetic.

So. Time to really get some education on diabetes, and get ourselves a whole lot healthier. Suggestions anyone, so we can avoid me having yet another mini coronary?


GunDiva said...

First piece of advice: Breathe.

Diabetes isn't a death sentence, it just means that you have to eat better and exercise regularly (which really gives you a leg up for LIB). Yes, diabetes can lead to a lot of serious things, but as long as you can keep it under control - and you can - those horrible things are not a given.

The worst part is at diagnosis and trying to get sugars regulated. Once you've got that under control, just stick to the plan that you make with the diabetic nutritionist (some people cut out that step - but don't). Pretty soon, you won't notice the changes any more; it'll just be what you do.

Laura said...

Oh no....Poor DH! I'm glad though that you were able to get him to the dr/hospital to find out what the problem was.

Diabetes runs in my family - grandma and aunt have it, my Mom seems to be doing ok so far, but it is something I need to be aware of...

I don't really have any advice, but I hope you guys can see a diabetic nutritionist (like GunDiva mentioned) or something like that, to get some official answers. I know that here we have programs with a few info sessions that you can go to. Often good to have both people go so you can absorb all the info and have both parties on board.

Keep us posted on his progress (and yours :-) so we aren't too worried!

Anonymous said...

I was afraid of that. More than likely, the mix up in fluids at the hospital caused it.

Dietary changes, medications and exercise can all help. I have a good friend who was diagnosed in October after a bout of cellulitis. I'm going to call her and then email you.

Slow, deep breaths. All will be well. I promise.

cdncowgirl said...

Already sent ya an e-mail :)

Best piece of advice, learn as much as you can but realize that everyone is an individual. Some things effect one diabetic person completly different than the next.
For example our diabetes educator has two uncles that are diabetic. One can eat as many potatoes as he wants without it effecting his blood sugar. The second has one or two bites of potato and his sugar skyrockets.

Mrs Mom said...

Thanks guys. Will update on progress soon. Got my a$$ kicked by 8 ponies today, and I now need to dray my hurting self to bed....

Dear Husband doing good now though- feeling stronger, sugar stabalizing, color good-- we're on the right track.

I should mention too- I spent about an hour on the phone with my sister- who is a Dr. (Nephrologist) She gave us a ton of info, answered a ton of questions, and made this all seem really controlable. Phew.

Thanks again everyone!! Will post more soon. Must. Rest.

Anonymous said...

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