Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Had A Blog Post...

And then I lost it! Why is it that I always, always, always come up with the best blogs when I'm where I can't write anything down, like say, in the shower? Or jogging in the vineyard? Or when my hands are full of dirty horse? And I never remember them later!

That seems to be the story of my life. Instead of witty and fun, you get something that feels forced and dry. Or half-formed thoughts that don't get elaborated on. Or, nothing at all! Which leads to where I've been lately.

I had two great moments of inspiration in the last couple weeks. A very, very late birthday present from my husband arrived. I got a lovely Nike+ Sportband that I've been lusting after for some time. I love that I can get accurate info about my workouts because the readout on the treadmill hasn't worked since we moved here. AND, I get accurate info on my vineyard walks and runs! Plus, it allows me to be part of a larger community. (Which is great because our farm is kind of isolating here- most of my socializing is done via telephone or online).

Last Sunday, a woman walked into the last ten minutes of Mass in her running gear. I thought it odd until she turned around and I noticed she had on a shirt and her number for the St. Paddy's Day run in Portland. How awesome is that? She brought her sweaty self to Mass, something I wouldn't have dared to do. Because of that, she inspired me to "get with the program".

Back in December, I challenged a friend of mine to run a 5k with me in Portland's Race for the Roses in April. This friend was diagnosed with Diabetes in October. She also weighs about the same as I too. I thought challenging her would encourage her to work towards better health. And it has. Unfortunately, her doctor recently vetoed her running this 5k, wanting her to take it easier with her health and exercise for a while longer yet. So, since my friend is driving all the way to Portland from north of Seattle on my behalf, I will now be walking the 5k with her, not running as I originally planned. I feel obligated and disappointed, which have been un-motivating for me. However...

There will be another 5k here in town at one of the local elementary schools in May! It costs a lot, lot less to enter than most of the big races and I'll be supporting a local school! So it's not Dude's school, but that's ok. It's still 5k and for a good cause, right? Right!

Started a flat of seeds at the beginning of the month. When I took the cover off the tray to give the seedlings more room, one of the cats helped himself to all my Roma Tomato seedlings. I really wanted to cry. But, there is time to start some more. (Cat was locked in a car in 100+ degree temperatures before he was rescued and we adopted him. The rescue had to give him an ice bath and shave him down in order to save his life- hence the brain damage. We compare his wee little brain to having the consistency of homemade whipped cream- rather soft and fluffy and insubstantial. And yes, we love this cat tremendously.)

My mom came to visit earlier this week and I sent her home with 5, count 'em, 5 pounds of mohair! That was just from the two goats I've managed to shear. I still have 3 goats to go. My body, however, cringes at the thought! Ugh! I am still sore from the first two! But, it needs to be done by the end of the month. So, somebody hold me accountable, please! I've got 11 days to get these 3 finished.

Other than Dude bringing home the "Creeping Crud" again and SHARING it with me, not much else going on at the moment!

So, what's new with all of you?


GunDiva said...

Good luck with the 5K. My sister runs them like there's no tomorrow. Me, not so much. Well, actually, not at all. See no reason to do it and good health isn't enough of a reason :)

I also "lose" a lot of my blog posts between the middle of the night "aha" and actually getting to the computer. My daughter suggested a small digital recorder. I might give it a try, but that just gives me something else to lose!

Anonymous said...

Somehow "digital" and "shower" don't seem to go together for me. LOL! Maybe I should try soap crayons? Or someone should come up with a waterproof word processor?

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Anyone who can run 1K, let alone a 5K (not to mention a Marathon)has my respect!

Taylorvillegirl said...

Good luck on the 5K. You are such a good friend for walking it with your friend.
I have to say that I now love your cat after hearing that story. How sad. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

@Regina- I haven't been in condition to run 1k since this double round of the "Creeping Crud" as named by Mrs. Mom. But, I'll get there!

@Taylorvillegirl- I should also tell you that we have this cat's 13 yr old car companion as well, another cat. George has a class IV heart murmur which means a loud noise could startle and kill him. We were originally told he might only have days or weeks to live. So far, we're keeping him going by bribing him with Grandmas, Grandma laps and holiday meals. :)