Friday, March 5, 2010

Confession Is Good For The Soul

That's what I hear anyways. It appears it is time to give it The Test. I have to confess, and say I am sorry, ladies.

Sounds weird, right? Why "sorry"?

Sorry because I allowed excuses to swallow up any enthusiasm, drive, and forward momentum I had. I'm sorry, because we write this blog to help keep each other motivated, to ask for help in times of trouble, and to support each other on our journey's into better health.

I didn't ask for that help, and I know I have not given any support of late either. I let the "routine"- the daily chores of cooking, dishes, laundry, paddock picking, vacuuming up copious amounts of dog hair, and more picking up and cleaning after the kids suck me into an abyss. I let the monsoon season drown out any spark that was there.

Doubt filled my brain. Was my tendency towards being a "hermit" really a good idea? But hell, GOING anywhere around here lately has ended badly. If Dear Husband is not available to do the driving and go with me, I'd just as soon stay put. So "put" we were.

Even my horse blog suffered.

I gave in and allowed the excuses to win. Me- who does NOT accept or offer excuses for bad behavior in my sons, my horses, or anything else--- I allowed the rains, the gray skies, the insanity of the children to sink in and make excuses. It was too wet. Too cold. Too muddy. Or I flat out just did not want to.

Today, it dawned on me what had happened. I owned up to it, and am ready to start over again. The sun is strong, we have things- OTHER things aside from the routine- to do. Sick or not (I am sick-- no excuse this time. My nose is the color of Rudolph's right now) we are DOING. I am RIDING, or at least getting Sonny out.

So there are two steps. Owning up to it, and getting off my fat ass to DO something about it.

Ladies, please accept my humble apologies, and know that from here on in, I'll do better by us all.

At least I didn't gain any weight back.... I lost condition, as did my horse, but condition we can get back easily. At least there is not extra weight to get rid of- again.

Right then-- rock on girls. Let's go KICK SOME ASS!


Beth said...

You are not alone. I could have written that post also. Just blah, giving up on trying. It get so hard sometimes to keep at it.

I am so happy to hear that you didn't gain any weight. I didn't either, but getting up to exercise is like. . .really . . the loss of condition sucks. lol

oregonsunshine said...

Me too. I could also have written that post. Just ask the mouse that moved into my voice box and the dude with the sledge hammer in my head.

I didn't gain, but I didn't lose AND I lost condition. AND, I have a race coming up in a month! Yikes! Come chase me with the pony beater, Mrs. Mom? Or do I get one more day's reprieve because of fever?

cdncowgirl said...

Oh hell now I guess I should confess too... I let life get in the way and put myself way down on the priority list. Fell off the treadmill and wasn't mindful of what was going in my mouth.
The good news is that I was getting back on track even before I read this, so I don't feel quite as guilty.