Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here Goes....

Well, here I am. I need to lose some weight. Ten pounds would be great, but 20-30 would be fantastic!! I would really like to look at the scale and see a "3" as the second number. It doesn't even matter if the last number is a "9" -- I just want to see that "3" in the middle slot.

Recently I had a bad case of bronchitis and went to the doctor -- this is the same family doctor I have been to since 1983 (give or take). I mentioned something about my weight (155 pounds at this point) and he had the nerve to look back in my chart and say "This time last year you were about 143 pounds....when you first started coming here you were 121 pounds." I should have said "What about you, buddy?? How much did you weigh 20 something years ago???" But I didn't....

I never had a weight problem growing up. My weight problems started in my early 20's when I became desperately unhappy and depressed and ate to fill some sort of void. The only times I have had my weight under control since then have been times when I was so emotionally stressed that I was on the verge of nervous breakdown, and when I had major surgery a few years ago.

John (husband) is always on my case to exercise. He is commited (spelling???) to exercise. My commitment comes and goes. Probably because I hate to exercise. It does not seem to work the same for me as it does for other people. I hear stories about how after exercising you will have so much more energy, will feel so much better -- bull!!! Not me -- I tried running 3 times a week. On those days I had to make sure I had everything done ahead of time; the cooking, errands, etc., because after running I was so exhausted and in a fog that I was worthless. The energy never came -- I felt worse on the days that I ran.

I found doing floor exercises (sit ups, push ups, that kind of thing) while watching television helped -- it took my mind off the fact that I was doing something I hated. Also, I seem to enjoy yoga more than actual exercise. But I never seem to stick to the floor exercise and/or yoga routine for long -- I start doing it every day or every other day, then stop. One thing I do manage to do is walk for 1/2 hr on my lunch break every workday (except for now, because I am on crutches -- see for that story).

I do eat healthy. We do not eat fast food, we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and cook fresh food -- no pre-processed or packaged stuff. The problem is PORTIONS!!! Also, I LOVE junk food (Doritos, Cheetos, potato chips) and binge on those things once I get started. I actually crave this stuff and have to be very, very careful not to give in. I am not into sweets -- salty snacks are my downfall.

What I need to do is this:

1. Stick to some sort of exercise routine -- at least 30 minutes 3 times a week
2. Continue the lunchtime walks
3. Control dinner portions

It is going to be tough getting started right now, because of the crutches, but I may be able to manage some yoga, and I can definitely start on portion control.

Now that I have "gone public" with this, I have to do it.


Mrs Mom said...

Welcome to the insanity Regina!

Don't you want to just reach out and thump Dr;'s like that??? My sister is a Dr- a nephrologist. If there is one thing she has learned from me (along with what to look for with equine related trauma- sometimes not even my own!) is that she needs to actively LOOK at her patients. I am proud to say, there is at least ONE Dr out there who will look at us for what we ARE and not just the numbers.

I'm headed over to find out the reason for your crutches! Heres to hoping you heal up fast and can get into a groove that works for you!!

Laura said...

Welcome aboard, Regina! We've never "met" in blogland, so hi! I'll have to go check out your blog tomorrow and get caught up...

Too bad about your Dr. - I've been fairly lucky with that so far.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Regina!

If running is too exhausting for you, why not try something else like pilates or yoga? Neither have the same exertion (? No, that's not right) Exhaustive levels. (Yeah, that's closer!) There are other, gentler exercises that might leave you feeling good instead of drained if you're interested.

I also had a doctor similar to yours, but when I was in high school. During an appointment for a physical my senior year, the doc walked in and without looking at me, commented that I had gained 20 lbs in the last 2 years and this was a CONCERN. He didn't bother to notice that I'd also grown 6". I can't help but wonder if it's docs like him that add to the negative self image we women gain growing up?

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Mrs.Mom, Laura, and Oregon Sunshine -- I appreciate the kind words. Glad you are going to check out my blog...I will look for yours as well. The yoga does agree with me more, and I do have a Pilates DVD someplace....maybe that is my solution???

Michelle said...

Welcome and thanks for sharing your story, Regina! Just to let you know, yoga can be a great workout if you do it regularly. When I was a regular, I felt so fit and strong and healthy! I highly recommend it as a low impact, but effective, workout. Good luck!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

I find it hard enough to exercise enough and I love to walk and do yoga so I cant imagine how difficult you must find it. Is there anyone you know who will work out with you? I find that it goes by twice as fast and is way more fun if you are able to chat and share it with someone...I have trouble finding walking buddies around here. Ever thought of martial arts? Good luck and I hope you find something you enjoy.