Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week One In Review

It was a frustrating week.
Stressful (as always.)
And just plain frustrating as all get out.

We started strong, and then the weather reached up and bit us, with cold rains that slowed everything down for the bulk of the week. The jumping on the trampoline with the kids that I had hoped to get in at least three times? Stayed at just that once. Walking more with the horse, and possibly riding a time or two again? Not happenin' in the rain.

However, we DID get in a start. The portion control is getting easier. My mood has been calmer and more relaxed since paying closer attention to my intake. The moving I did do, chasing the Little Mens, seemed to help soothe the aches in this old bod that come hand in hoof with crap weather.

Today was better. It dawned bright, cold, crisp, and inviting. (Cold is relative my Canadian counterparts! I remember true cold all too well!)The kids ate breakfast, I had my customary Bucket O' Joe, and we dressed warm and headed out. The horse was able to get out of his muddy paddock to the grass for a bit, and we enjoyed a wander around the yard for about forty five minutes, as we watched the Little Mens play and jump. (Sonny loves "his" kids.) Sonny Bunz was being a bit of a yutz, so back into the paddock we went for some play time. Which meant I had to move too, in order to get photos of him playing Arab/Thoroughbred/dressage horse for a bit. He got so involved in playing at one point that he completely forgot Mom was there, and darn near ran me over. The look on his face as I skittered out of his way was priceless!

I ducked inside to feed the Little Mens- again- and get some breakfast for myself (Shredded Mini Wheats. Yes, they were frosted too. I LOVE those things.) After a while of mundane housework, that Froggy Feelin took over... and I headed back outside.

Nabbed up the horse, and trimmed his front feet. (Never an easy task. My horse A) has pathological feet that take extra care and time to work on, and B) he tends to be a PITA to work on.)

The good news? I got both front feet DONE. Better news? He had to get only one spanking to decide to stand like a nice horse. Best News Yet? I GOT BOTH FRONT FEET DONE!

What's that? There are four feet on a horse? Yeah... well... we're going in stages. His hind feet will be taken care of in a couple days. My back was pretty upset with me by the end of the trim, and so was my right hand. But they WORKED. I Did The Job. (Will I go back trimming client horses? Right now I'm saying "Oh. Hell. No.")

Alright y'all- you have heard my stress and frustration of the first week of our communal blog. Let's hear from the rest of you, how YOU did!!

Mrs Mom


cdncowgirl said...

Ah, the best laid plans. Well at least you're moving, you are happy with how portion control is working. Gotta start somewhere right? :)

I gotta say that I love the fact that the farrier's horse is a PITA. lmao

Frosted mini wheats?! Coffee?! "Pretend" cold!??! When can I move in? ;)

Promise said...

I am planning to start going back to the gym this week, since my grandmother is no longer staying with us.

I have lost 5 lbs in the last week and a half. 2 of those are "re-loss" -- meaning, I had lost them before and then put them back on as water weight. So, I am down 9 lbs total.

Don't get discouraged when your plans don't work out the way you...well, planned. Just keep to the portion control and move more. You'll see results slowly but surely.

Are you keeping a food diary?

Mrs Mom said...

CDN- There's a story behind that horse's behavior ;) It's amazing what a memory of pain will do to an animal... and then add in lax handling for a few months and...well, I got what I deserved really. Anytime you want, there is a room! ;) hehehe

Promise- I had to keep a food diary a few years back for my allergist. Had not thought about doing another one. Might be something to look back into!

And surprisingly enough, I had expected some back pain today from trimming, and *knock wood* I feel pretty darn good!

Michelle said...

At least you made a start. And it sounds like you were pretty active, even if you didn't accomplish what you set out to do. Hang in there!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Things out of our control, like the weather, sure do throw a monkey wrench into the works. Makes me realize I need to have a Plan B!!!

Promise said...

I have found the food diary to be very helpful with portion control, and of course, it's keeping me accountable to myself. It's amazing how much we eat when we're not keeping track of it, lol.

Laura said...

Good news that your back isn't sore after trimming Sonny - that is something positive!

The best laid plans always seem to be derailed somehow - I can sure attest to that!

I'm hoping each week gets better for you!

ps - send some of your "chilly" weather up here! It was 23F this morning! brrr!!!

Mrs Mom said...

Regina- yep, Plan B (or C or D in our always comes in handy. I didn't have one, really, other than the old "play it by ear". Might have to work on that some.

Promise- The biggest thing as far as control is not tasting the kids food. My little locusts eat small bits, often, and will leave a bit of food here and there. Not wanting it to go to waste, I'll eat it instead of sticking it in the fridge or throwing it out. To compensate for that, I've started putting in the fridge more, and not "sharing" with them as much!

Laura- Not much better here this morning! I woke up to a warm 42*F at 7AM, so I know it got high-30's last night. YUK!!

oregonsunshine said...

Mrs Mom, why is your mood calmer and more relaxed since you're paying attention to your intake? What change was it that helped? Was it what you were eating specifically? Was it eating less of some particular thing? Or eating more of another? I'm curious!