Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week Two Review

If I trusted my camera, I'd take a self portrait right now, to show the effects of Week Two.

But since destruction of my camera is not high on my agenda, we'll skip that part, 'k?

The week was non-stop. Which did great for my activity level, and portion control, since I hardly sat down to eat anything. And when I *did* sit down, the phone would ring, and I literally had to run.

Did I mention running? Yeah- we found out I still can, when an emergency call from my in laws across the way came in with a medical situation. Once an EMT, always an EMT, and I blasted out the door to the rescue, with my husband hot on my heels. (All is well- or at least as well as it can be in the insanity here.)

Long story (shoot, long WEEK,) short, and my shorts are looser. Which is awesome. Running the other day? While my heart was stopped at the time, later on it dawned on me that A) it felt GREAT to run, and B) I wasn't hurting the next day. Granted, it was a short run, but it was flat out like a lizard drinking run.

Jumping on the jumpoline happened one or two days with the kids, and the weather held enough for an actual RIDE on my horse as well. (OK, so maybe I am not so sure about if a ten minute ride on a rehab horse counts for an ACTUAL ride, but it was ten solid minutes of walking, turning off my seat and legs, and whoa off voice.)

The ride?

Lots of walking around, fetching tools on barn calls, chasing kids, and more walking went on this week. The less I eat in a sitting, the less I want to eat - or CAN eat- at a time. Hydration is holding steady. Better, but not where I'd like to have it yet.

The plan for this week:
- Keep on keeping on.
- Ride a couple more times
- Pray that no more medical emergencies visit Command Central (we actually had about four of those this week, in varying degrees of severity. 'Nuff already.)

Here's to you ladies, keepin on keepin on with me!
Mrs Mom


Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Awesome! Your post is radient with positive energy! Makes me want to jump up and go for a made dash down the street....but I wont:)

Good for you!

cdncowgirl said...

Other than the medical emergencies it sounds like a great week. And I agree with AOHCM, you sound very positive :)

Laura said...

Too bad about the medical emergencies - good thing you are there to help out your family...

Like Cdn and AOHCM said, sounds like you had a good week. Time with the kidlets, a ride on Sonny Bunz...etc.

Hope week 3 stays positive too! Keep going with that forward momentum.

Promise said...

It does sound like a great week...keep it up (minus the medical stuff, of course)!

oregonsunshine said...

W00t! Yay! Let last week give you the momentum to continue through this week! I'm hoping some of your positiveness has rubbed off on me after reading this.

Mrs Mom said...

I dunno ladies.. the pace of last week has left me sitting here with my head spinning some!!

This week has already started off with a bang, sooooo we'll see where it goes from here. They say so goes Monday, so goes the rest of the week right? This could either be really really great or really really exhausting!!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

You have your plan, which sounds like a good one. Sometimes life gets in the way and makes it difficult to do everything to the "best" standard, but we do what we can!

Michelle said...

Great job staying focused on your goals, even amidst all the stress! Way to inspire the rest of us. Hope this week goes as well for you.