Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Time To "Bite The Bullet"

Ok, I said BITE the bullet- not EAT the bullet.

It's time. Past time, actually, to make some significant changes in my life. In four short years, I went from looking like this:
A slim, strong size 10 tall jeans,

To This:
A no longer slim, not quite as strong, size 16 to size 18 tall jeans.
Not to MENTION what my boobages did. Oi Vey..

I look at those two photos and all I can say is... Duuuuude....

The first photo is of a nice little colt I had picked up as a project, and showed in hand in 2001. Size 10 had been my size for... well, forever I think.

The second photo is of Sonny and myself, early this past Spring. So what happened?

What happened was two complication fraught pregnancies, and a complete change in my life. Our son Cub arrived in December of 2004, and just fifteen short months later, along came Wrecking Crew.

Cub did damage. Bad damage. He weighed in at a whopping ten pounds thirteen ounces. Arriving c-section (Thank GOD,) my abdominal muscles up and vanished. However, thanks to being sick the entire pregnancy, weight gain was not that bad, and I was able to slide back in size 12 jeans about two weeks post-partum.

When Cub was a tender six months old, we found out that there would be another little bundle joining us in March 2006. (Yeah yeah, we now know what causes that and have since taken away THAT problem!) Wrecker's incubation was not that bad, compared to his big brothers, but the weight gain ... shoot. It still has not left and the child is now three.

I believe the term used these days is "booty". Yes, I have booty. And some belly. (Which I doubt will ever be the same, as the issues incubating Cub destroyed muscles.) I have dimples on my thighs. Dimples I tell you! I've never in my life had dimples anywhere!

But most of all, I have boobage like I never had before. I have enough to share with about six other women. (And if I could give some away, I would in a FLASH!) My over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders are expensive ($60 US).

So what am I going to DO about this?

First, I have to set some goals.
Second, I have to live up to those goals.
Third, well, I don't know what may come third, as the first two priorities are a bit intimidating to me.

Joining the team here with Sweet CDN and Lovely Laura is for support, and most of all ACCOUNTABILITY. It is to help keep us all on track, as we sort our way through this process.
It is to help me to stop wondering when I look in the mirror, "Who the hell is THAT?" at the reflection looking back out at me.

I believe this is a good start.

Next time, I'll have some goals ready to publish. Until then,
Happy Trails!


cdncowgirl said...

Yay!!! You're here! Great first post.

I know we've talked in the past about the boobage issue. You KNOW you have my understanding there. I mean really, look at my barrel racing pics. What is it about western shirts? All I see is boobs on a horse. lmao
$60? I'd be thanking my lucky stars. Mine cost between $85 - $100. :( (of course that is cdn$)

Laura said...

Well, I'm going to comment on Cdn's first two posts and Mrs Mom's as well cause it's just easier that way.

Firstly - yeah MM for posting with us! wooot!

Secondly - thanks for sharing that info Lisa - I think I saw that episode of Oprah, but had forgotten.

Here's to motivation and support, ladies.

I too have the boobage problem - not so fun on a short little frame...

I'm working on my first post - will try and post it this weekend.

Michelle said...

I want to say kudos to you for being brave enough to post photos on this site. I think it's so important to be accepting of yourself regardless of what stage of the game you're at. Maybe you can start a trend!

I can totally relate to the boobage issue as well. I'm wondering, Where did all this come from? And I'm tired of looking like a porn queen in anything but the most demure (read: boring) clothing.

I am going to set some goals too, and I hope that by following along with you on your adventure, I can be motivated to come along for the ride!

Mrs Mom said...

CDN: hehe- when I saw your barrel racing pix, all I saw was the horse ;) That looks like so much fun- I might have to try trotting a pattern some day!

Laura! Can't wait to read your post!!! No matter the outcome, I really believe that we'll all be able to learn more, and be stronger in the long run. Here we go...

Michelle- in my next post, I really need to link to the boulder holders I use, and go over some other options. Unless you have bosoms small enough to cover by a band aid, it seems like there sure are a LOT of women out there- even if they don't ride- who need more support when they are active!

As to accepting myself... I don't know if I truly do. I literally look in the mirror some days and say, "What? Who is that?? Where did I go?" Then a little voice calls me, and I get distracted back to Motherly Duties.

If nothing else, this ought to be highly educational!! Welcome aboard, and we'll ALL look forward to hearing more from you!