Friday, July 23, 2010


Wow! It's really, really quiet around here! What've y'all been up to since I started the moving process?

Well, obviously I moved. To Georgia, in fact. I bought a pair of shorts a few days before we moved. They fit perfectly. I wore them on the second day of our cross country trip. I wore them again about a week after we got here. The third time I wore them, they were loose. Now, they practically fall off. I can pull them off over my hips without unbuttoning them.

Then the other day, my husband commented that my rear is shrinking. My comment "Damn! I was hoping this muffin top was starting to go!" I have a FLAT rear. There really isn't much back there to hang a waistband on. So losing my rear before the muffin top is not my idea of cool. However...

This means I got new pants! I am fully one size smaller than when we left Oregon. What have I been doing different?

Well, I haven't been doing anything different except maybe not so many farm chores since we live on a teeny-tiny spread now. Wha?? How's this work??

Simple! It's quite possible that I underestimated how many calories I was burning every day with chores and not eating enough. Yep! I said NOT EATING ENOUGH. Because, if you don't eat enough calories, your body believes your in starvation mode and will start conserving calories instead of burning them.

So, why don't y'all scrutinize your calories in vs calories out and see if you need to revamp your own plan? Are you getting enough calories? Too many? Is there room for more food in your eating plan? Perhaps you'll be pleasantly surprised!