Friday, September 24, 2021

A quick update

 This past week I finally got the Holter monitor that was requested by the nurse practitioner in May. Yes, MAY.

While I'm grateful for technology, I'm also grateful I only had to wear it for 48 hours (a friend has to wear one for 8 days!!). It wasn't horribly uncomfortable. It was slightly in the way when I tried to ride, and I wouldn't have wanted to do a serious training ride or a competition run with it.
Also inconvenient was that I needed help getting a bra on with it, the wires were in the way unless I put my bra over them and then that was painful as all get out.

It was starting to get very itchy where the leads were attached, which I thought was just a reaction to the tape. When they were removed however they left roundish red marks, almost like burns. Some were worse than others. And they have been a bit painful for the remainder of the evening, hopefully tomorrow they'll be better.

 When it was removed today I was told it is usually 10 business days for the results to get from the cardiac specialist to my family doctor, and of course then they'll need to set up an appointment to discuss the results with me. I'm also due for an appointment with them to check the progress I've made since my last visit. I'm happy to say I am somewhat better!  I still get tired very easily but not as drastically or as easily as before. I do still need a recovery day if I do anything that tires me too much. The best description I've found is that I'm like an older cell phone. I do pretty good when my battery is full but that battery drains really fast!