Thursday, January 29, 2015


Monday night the husband and I were watching the news and a story caught my attention. 

Apparently the majority of adult overweight/obese Canadians that were a healthy weight during adolescence either do not lose weight and keep it off or, if they do, they lose a small amount.  The average being 6lbs.

Pretty damn sobering don't ya think?

That is one group of statistics I want to remain in the minority of!  I'm also extra proud of the 40+ lbs I've lost so far.  This has re-motivated me right when I needed it.

I think I want to write *6LBS!!!* on a sticky note and put it on the treadmill and fridge.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Holiday Weight Gain?

So many people find the holidays a hard time to lose or maintain weight.  I think part of the reason people often gain over the holidays is they feel obligated to have what's offered to them.  So my game plan was to have a little of whatever I wanted, but only if I really wanted it.
I am quite happy to be able to say I didn't gain weight over the holidays, in fact I lost a *teeny* bit more.  And I indulged myself, sometimes a bit too much lol.  I made sure that I also kept myself busy and moving when possible.  Sometimes that's part of the challenge... traveling to visit often involves lots of sedentary time and then when you are out there is often lots of sitting involved as well (playing cards & games, watching movies with the fam, etc)

I went for a massage on Monday, I usually go monthly for maintenance, and when we were doing the usual Q & A about any health changes or pain I told MK that I've now lost 40 lbs :) 
She looked at my sheet and said, "Wow that's another 10 lbs since your last appointment 6 weeks ago!"
(My December appointment had to be missed, and yep I could feel it!)

Now I can happily say I've hit one of my milestone goals, 40 lbs down, but it's not the big one I've been looking forward to.  That one is *soooclose* I can taste it (haha taste it, food, weight loss... yeah sorry weird/dorky sense of humour here) I'm really hoping my next blog post will be about that!

One thing I've really noticed, as my weight goes down my chronic pain is more manageable (for the most part.  I won't lie, I've had a couple bad flare ups) 
OH!  One more exciting bit of news... I sold my Pozzi saddle and started shopping for a "new" saddle.  I found a Lynn McKenzie and tried it out, my mare likes it and I liked how I rode in it AND it's a 14.5 seat!  I've always ridden in a 15 or bigger, I never thought I'd see the day I was in something smaller than a 15! :)

So how have y'all fared over the holiday season?