Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happily Surprised

For the first time in ages I had a good experience shopping for clothes!  I haven't really bought any new clothes, even after losing 30ish pounds.  I was just kinda schlumping along in what I had.  Then I realized that I needed to buy at least a few things.

Pie & I were at Costco and I saw some jeans that were super cheap and looked okay.  Not great, but not horrible and I just wanted a pair or two to get me through.  I found the largest of the sizes they had (I'm still "big") and told Pie that I might not fit them for a month or two yet but they were sooo cheap... he said to grab them seeing as I am slowly but steadily losing weight.
Our next stop was at a local plus sized store so I could get a new pair of pants for work.  I started browsing through the rack and a saleslady came over. 
I explained what I was looking for (black, must have front pockets) and she pulled a few styles off in the smallest size they carried.  I told her I needed them at least two sizes bigger.  She took a step back and sized me up, "No.  You don't.  Try these." (friendlier sounding in person than how that might read lol)
She saw the doubt on my face and grabbed them one size larger as well and said "Just in case."
Of course in the change room I started with the biggest size, and I was surprised when it was too big!  I tried on the smaller ones and they fit! 
Why was I so surprised?  I have lost 30 pounds, of course I should be more than 1 or 2 sizes smaller!  But I was shocked though to be 4 sizes smaller!! :)

Pie & I got home from running errands and as I was putting stuff away I looked at those Costco jeans. 
"There's NO way" was running through my head as I unfolded them... but yes!  They fit too! 
I was so excited that I ran out to the kitchen where Pie was and started doing a dorky little dance.  He laughed and asked what was going on, I told him that was my 'happy clothes dance' and that the jeans I was sure wouldn't fit right away DID fit.  I'm out of plus sizes and into "normal" people sizes!! :D

Best of all, I was able to treat myself to something I've always wanted - blingy cowgirl jeans!  They just don't make them in plus sizes :(   (or if they do no one around here carries them)
Last weekend I took my oldest niece to the Equine Expo and a friend asked if I'd been to one particular vendor's booth, they were blowing out jeans for $20 each!  Of course they were pretty picked over but I managed to find 2 pairs of blinged out cowgirl jeans that fit. 
Officially being out of the plus stores has kinda really brought home the progress I'm making and re-motivated me right when I needed a boost!