Monday, June 28, 2021

Well... it's been awhile!

 I have no clue if there is anyone out there that will read this. 

This blog didn't have a lot of followers ever. 

And then I kind of got un-inspired writing here. 

This could just end up being a personal journal, left open for anyone to read.

I need this space for myself, I know that writing it out will help keep me motivated... once my health gets back on track.

I have lost and kept off (on paper) almost 40lbs over the last few years. I'm pretty proud of that. But over the last few months I've found myself tired, weak, and a host of other symptoms.  I finally got some testing and results. It's nothing contagious, it's manageable, and I will be back to my old self it'll just take some time. 

In the meantime I'm putting out to the universe that I will hit that goal of losing and keeping off 50lbs this year!