Friday, May 27, 2016

Needing a push

I've been so plateaued for so long now... not being able to run lately has not only been depressing but it's totally stalled out my weight loss.  (and yes, I need to pay more attention to my food!)
Then today when Marge was out doing a saddle fit on my new horse (haha surprise!!) and giving me an extra set of eyes to see if his joint supplements are helping or if that's just my wishful thinking (they seem to be working!  but we're going to tweak his program).  Anyway I'm off topic (sorry, horses!)... SO while Marge was out helping with Frosted Flake (not his real name) she twirled in the barn and said "Hey!  Does my butt look smaller!?"
I had to laugh, but then I said I thought maybe it did.  And that's when the seed that had been planted a few weeks earlier started to germinate...
You see, a few weeks ago I noticed that both Marge and her sister-in-law SZ had liked a Facebook fitness page.  Then today when Marge asked about her booty and said it wasn't from pole or silks, that it was from working with this new trainer I asked if it was the one from the FB page and she said yes.
She went on to tell me how much she loved it.  I asked a ton of questions and thought it over for awhile.  I know a friend that's a runner and has used an online running coach with great results, but I wasn't too sure how that would work with a fitness coach.
I mulled over the conversation with Marge and then took the plunge and sent a PM.  Which was answered quite quickly  a pleasant surprise for a Friday night (I think within an hour).
Via email a questionnaire was sent, which I am working on - and trying to be brutally honest with.  I'm going to give this a shot and hope it pushes me over this plateau!