Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Awesome Thing

In my last post I had mentioned that the most awesome thing had happened, and then I left you hanging... for a bit longer than I intended oops!

My "winter sport" with the horses is Team Penning.  One night at penning I was sitting on a bench in the lounge chatting with friends when Laureen S came up to me and said "I just have to say you look amazing!  I didn't even recognize you!  Not that you didn't look good before!" 

She proceeded to tell me that she had turned to Nell (my bestie) before the break to ask why I hadn't come with her.  Nell asked her what the heck she meant, then pointed over to where Voodoo & I were chilling and said that I was actually on Nell's team with her.  Laureen told me that I had lost so much weight she hadn't recognized me at all, that she could especially see the difference in my face.

That was a pretty amazing feeling!  It's one thing to know you're gradually losing but sometimes you don't realize how different you look until someone points it out.  Then I realized I had lost (and kept off) at least 30 lbs, if not more, since I had seen her last winter.  So yeah, that was pretty awesome :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Been Awhile

You know how it goes... things are ticking along nicely and then life hits you in the face.  You get too busy, you get injured or sick, changes at home or work.
Suddenly you notice that all the progress you've made is gone... the 30lbs you'd lost has crept back on :(
But hey, that was months ago.  You pick yourself up and get back on track and then the most awesome thing happens... but I'm going to make you wait a day or two for that story!

So yeah, I gained back almost all the weight I had lost.  Life has been crazy, both work and personal, and I'm not sure which way my head is spinning.
But I have picked myself up.  I'm doing something very "unfemale" and putting myself first more often.  I've made some changes in my life that may not seem so big to some people but for me are huge.
I'm still overweight but about to hit a MAJOR goal and I'm feeling healthier than ever (at least physically).  Some of my changes are still a struggle but others are now new habits.  Baby steps right?