Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gonna be a 'gadget girl'

I'm not normally into gadgets, or am I?  Hmm... cell phone, cameras, iPad... yeah I have those but I still wouldn't call myself a gadget person, and I'm definitely not a fitness gadget person.  Until I saw this:
What is it?  Its called a Fitbit Ultra and it claims tracks your daily movement through 3D sensors, not just steps like a pedometer.  It also can track your sleep patterns.  Its small,  seriously its TINY, so you can wear it discreetly (suggestions include tucked in a pocket or onto your bra)

Here's the lowdown on what it claims to do:
*Tracks daily steps, number of stairs or hills climbed, distance traveled, calories burned & overall intensity of activity (I'm hoping that riding will show up as well)  
*If you wear the tracker at night (there's a wristband included) it will monitor how long & how well you slept.  It monitors when you fall asleep & how many times you wake throughout the night to provide a 'sleep efficiency index' (something I'm very interested in as I'm a tosser & turner)

I ordered this because I wanted to see how active I really am daily and where I can fit more activity in.  I was curious how much I move at work (although as of recently that is null and void)  I know I go through periods where I don't do a heckuva lot and I'm hoping something like this will help me get my rear in gear during those times.
I liked that its compatible with the Endomondo app I have on my cell phone and that I don't have to sit down and plug in the data, it wirelessly uploads whenever you're in 15' of your computer.
After using it for a bit I'll give an updated review on it, I ordered mine off Amazon and it just came in the mail today so I'm off to tear open the box and check it out! :)