Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gobble Gobble...

I felt (and still feel) like this:

But in all actuality,
the Smoked Turkey,
Smoked Boston Butt,

Banana Split Cake
And numerous other goodies, I am actually very proud.
I was able to quit eating when that "comfortable" level was reached.
(I think this could be cheatering though, since I also wore a pair of jeans that
were pretty darn snug as a reminder.)

And IN those pretty tight jeans,
I did THIS!

Yep, rode my horse in the new to me saddle from Nuzzling Muzzles.

Plan for the week? Flush out the sugar I did eat. I've woken up the past few mornings,
feeling like total crap. The only thing Dear Husband and I can think of
is the sweets- something we have not been eating lately aside
from the rare bite here and there. While I didn't indulge in a LOT of the sweet stuff,
I did eat some every day.
Might not have been the smartest thing I could have done.

Since my back is feeling better (knock on wood!) this week means

And if my horse gets over his moments of stupidity,
Maybe a couple more rides, too.

How'd the rest of my American fellows do? Come on now- I don't want to be the only one hanging it out here, for all to see!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And the resources keep on comin'

So last week and this week so far have been a write-off as far as exercise goes. I'm stressed out and have a lot of stuff going on. Add to that work sucks right now and I'm a bit of a grump.

I even skipped out going to the barn last night because I was just in such a foul mood. Can you beleive that? Normally doing stuff at the barn and riding cheers me up, but I just couldn't face the mud and the mess there.

I'm trying to be positive and find solutions to some of the things that are stressing me out. It is going ok. Keep keeping on and all that sort of stuff.

I didn't intend to write a big whiny post, but intended to share another fun resource with you guys. I seem to be the resource lady or something! :-)

This time it is a blog, a book and a podcast. There is a blog I have been reading for years: "The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl". It is about the weight loss struggles of a lovely ginger-haired Aussie lass who moved to Scotland a few years ago. Shauna is a fantastic writer and shares her struggles of weight loss and fitness.

She has maintained a loss of over 100 pounds (actually more than that, I think...). She published a book as well, that details her story. It is touching and funny. I have a copy of it myself and I think I need to re-read it to get some inspiration. I may be persuaded to part with my copy, if anyone is interested. Leave a comment or email me and we can work something out...

The latest thing that Shauna has been working on are podcasts! She and another blogger, Carla (haven't read her blog/site yet) decided to make their own podcasts to discuss all kinds of issues around weight loss and fitness. I've listened to the first podcast, but haven't downloaded the next few.

Check out their web site Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone to see if it is something you are interested in... Their latest episode talks about holiday eating and a bunch of other stuff. The tone of these podcasts is light and funny and I find them yet another way of getting some good information and maybe a laugh or two in the process.

Here's to a better week for everyone!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Do you believe in horoscopes? I'm not sure how much weight I'd be willing to put in one but I have to say that I sure hope a recent one of mine is true:

"Determination is key. These momentary setbacks will be over soon enough. Its a testament to your fortitude that you have persevered in the face of adversity, and soon there will be nothing trying to stop you."

If that is indeed true then hallelujah!
I was feeling blue and contemplating my run of poor luck and how it seems to have coincided with going public with this blog. At the time I was also skimming through the newspaper and hit upon the horoscopes. I like to read them and see what my day was supposed to bring (its usually late evening when I read the paper). That day I was particularly down... my back had finally started to feel almost normal again (I had strained it at work 3-4 weeks prior) but I had also just hurt my foot.
Go figure, it was horse related. At penning the Sunday before last I got stepped on. Funny how its rarely one of my own horses. Maybe that's because they have more respect for me and my space?? Anyhow it wasn't as simple as step on - step off. Nope she stepped, pivoted and then stepped off.
I didn't think too much of it. Sure it hurt like a son-of-a-gun, enough that I was mounting and dismounting from the right because it was the left foot and hurt too much to put enough weight in the stirrup to mount.
Then I got home, took off my boot and noticed the bruising and swelling. The swelling was bad enough that I couldn't put a boot on again until Saturday. I never took the time to go hang around at the doctor's office with all the sick, germy people (ok they're not all sick and germy but it is 'cold & flu season') so I didn't get an x-ray. But my chiropractor and a few nurse friends were pretty sure that due to how it bruised and the swelling that there was a very minor hairline fracture. Nothing that the doctor's would have done that I wasn't already doing so that reaffirmed my decision not to waste the doc's time (and to stay away from the germs! lol)
The good news is the swelling is down to almost normal. And while it still hurts to walk for very long I *can* walk on it so I'm planning to hit the treadmill, albeit gently for now.
... that is IF my horoscope is true and I can done with these "momentary setbacks"!

Sick again and other blatherings

Last Wednesday, Dude got the H1N1 shot at school. Thursday evening, I began to run a low grade fever, mild body aches and a cough. Is it related?

When I was married to The Marine, while he was in the service, he was given a flu shot every year. Just like clockwork, he'd get the shot and I'd get sick with the flu roughly 24-48 hours later. Of course, in the 90's, the military here received a small dose of live virus instead of the killed virus given to civilians. So, it makes sense that I'd get sick, right?

Well, Dude was supposed to get a shot with killed H1N1 virus. Only the nasal spray is supposed to contain any of the live virus. And yet, here I am, sick with mild flu symptoms.

Worse, we have family due to arrive on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. My MIL is already in fragile health with MS. This is about the last thing I'd want to expose our family elders to! So, we're going to hope it's really just a mild cold and that I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

In the mean time, we've been moving furniture, cleaning, painting, etc to get ready for our family visitors to arrive on Wednesday. My in-laws will be here, in my home for the very first time EVER. I don't just mean here in the new house, but it will be the first visit to any home my husband and I have lived in during our 2 1/2 year marriage, even though they have made frequent trips to Oregon from their home in Idaho (and not because they haven't been invited, because they have). So, I feel extra pressured and extra stressed.

A lot of other stressful things I can't yet talk about have been happening too. But, I have been walking with Dude to and from the bus several times a week. Well, not as much last week with the horrendous wind storms we were having. But, you can understand my driving him to and from on those days, right?

Hope all is well with everyone else!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Back!

I have been out of the blog world for a while because we have been on vacation. We got home on Thursday from an all-inclusive trip, so you know I have not made any progress! Perhaps I have backslid....have not had the courage to step on the scale. Will do so soon and report the sad details.

Holy Crap-- HOLIDAYS...

They're HERE. Or almost here. Well, actually for our Canadian pals, you've already had Thanksgiving. We crazy Americans are hitting our stride, preparing to give thanks and DIVE IN. For like, two months.

OK maybe not quite that long, but you get the idea. First, this Thursday we have our Thanksgiving- a day traditionally filled with turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, corn, biscuits, pies, puddings, cakes, and LEFT OVERS. Oh dear--- it is sheer HEAVEN to have left over slow roasted turkey on a sammich smothered in mayo the next day.... *smacking lips*

Here in the Southland, they deep fry the turkey in peanut oil. Which is quite good, but once in a while I yearn for a slow roasted bird. Or a smoked one.

Wow talk about a torture session. Here we are on a blog where we are working away, bit by bit, to get into a healthier state, right? Right.

So. Let's hear it. What are you all planning, to help control the insanity that washes over us during this time of year? Not just the food- but the EXTRA stresses as well. Stress? What stress.... HA~ ... Sorry.. a wee bit of sarcasm slipped out on me there. Bad Mrs Mom- bad bad.

For my part, portion control has been in place long enough now that it literally is not an option to eat too much. I eat a bit of this, a bit of that, and feel comfortable. I quit at "comfortable" and try to avoid "stuffed to bursting/ exploding if I take a deep breath/ have to roll me HOME because my legs won't work" full. The food however, is the easy part. Always is. This time of year has traditionally been utterly miserable for me, and here we are, still fighting the Good Fight (not sure on the status of the Fight yet. I'll know more this coming Friday- if I survive the week).

I plan on hiding. No- for real. I plan on cutting out and hiding. Thanksgiving means an influx of additional family members, and those of you who know me, know I don't do an overload of people well at all. I enjoy the work, the cleaning, cooking, and fussing getting everything ready and beautiful. But when the people arrive? Dude, I want to scoot far far away.

The Big Christmas Celebration is generally held four hours north of us. We don't attend as I need someone to care for the Wonder Nanny Dog and Sonny Bunz. Since I don't know anyone I'd trust to do that... we stay home. (Less people, still amazing food, and much less stress. Works. For. Me.)

What tips do you have to deal with the stress of the season? Is there anyone else out there who goes into hiding as a matter of self preservation, sanity salvation?

Hang in there y'all-- we'll make it step by step!!

And remember----- this is NOT about "getting skinny". This is NOT about bashing, beating, bruising, and bullying each other into guilt. If we have a bad week, we have a bad week. Shoot, if we have a bad MONTH, we have a bad month. It Happens. The important part? To me at least, is knowing WE ARE NOT ALONE.

Let's hear it!! Y'all have been TOOOOOOO QUUIIIIEEETTTTTTTTTTT......

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week Five In Review

Well. Let's see- first thing that comes to mind is:

Next up would be:
Damn my back hurts.

Last week was miserable. There may have been a disturbance in the Force, a hormonal flux capacitatior break down, or a screw up somewhere along the way, but I felt like CRAP pretty much all week. (How bad? To the point that I broke down and just BAWLED all over my poor Dear Husband for really no reason on Friday morning. Yeah, it was THAT BAD.)
I scared Dear Husband. Friday night he brought these home for me....

However, I rallied, and made Saturday a better day. Sunday was better still, and I even went and trimmed a horse.

She was a GOOD horse, but.... somewhere along the way, my back (in which there are compressed disc issues in the low back,) decided that it was underwhelmed by my desire to go back to work. I guess pulling shoes from one horse Friday morning (pre-hysterics,) and trimming on Sunday were just too much for it.

Yesterday, I tried to jump with the kids, and about three seconds into it, we sorted out Real Quick that was a Very Bad Idea.

I doubled up on my joint supplement, and am taking the minimum in pain meds, and trying to be Very Careful.

Between the FUBAR in the Cosmos (or just in my old, creaking, protesting, and semi-crippled up body,) last week wound up with me feeling like a whale, frustrated, and really ticked off at my body.

Nightmares, I tell ya, just nightmares.

Today, I woke up somewhat stiff but moving better. Until of course, we went to our first barn call. I had to help hold the "patient" (who was NOT "patient" in the least,) and tweaked my back.. again.

So instead of complaining more, I'll pop another MSM- GLucosamine- Chondrotins- Hylaronic Acid supplement (still under the daily reccomened does by the way,) and I''ll just ease along.

Weight wise? Shoot, I have no clue. *Feeling* like a whale may or may not translate into looking like one. It has been hard as all get out to not over-indulge this week, and dive into comfort foods up to my snout.

Ah well-- this week is another week. Each day is a new day, and we will take it one step at a time.

Be strong y'all, we'll make it!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's the little victories...

Last night I attended the awards banquet for the local club show series that two of the girls from the barn showed at. I know a bunch of people in this group, so it was a fun horsey night out. (The 17yr old girl from our barn cleaned up - high point youth!!!)

It was your typical buffet style dinner. The majority of my plate was salad and I just had a bit of the other food (which wasn't stellar). When they announced there was dessert ready, my sugar sensors went on high alert.

I had a look at the dessert table and saw cheap, store-bought pies and cakes. Not worth the calories.

Yes folks, I turned down dessert!

One victory for the good guys! I still feel empowered about that little thing, for some reason.

How is everyone else doing?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not a happy camper

Ok so I'm not camping, but its true that I'm not happy. I'm actually kinda pissed right now.
Three weeks ago today I slipped in the kitchen at work because one of the dishwasher's wasn't bright enough to realize that spraying water across the doorway is a BAD IDEA.
I was helping the waitresses clean up after the hockey team left and I didn't (couldn't!) see the water. I stepped, slipped and started to fall backwards. I really didn't think that another concussion would be a great idea for my poor head (and those kitchen floors are h-a-r-d!) so I threw myself forward toward the dish pit. I threw the dishes I was holding into the dish pit and grabbed onto the edges with both hands... and shouted a Very Bad Word. So in fact I never did actually fall, but I think it would have been better if I had.
You see as I forced myself forward instead of falling back I could feel, almost hear, the poor muscles in my back. And here, 3 weeks later, they are still letting me know that they are NOT happy.
I barely make it through my shift at work. I have hardly ridden at all. In fact I probably wouldn't except that my hips hurt less when I'm riding and while it doesn't really help my back muscles its not hurting them too bad either.
Worse, I have had to take a time out from the treadmill and any other exercise.
Worser (shhh... for today that will be a word!) is that between TOM and being an emotional eater I haven't been the best about what I'm eating. Too much chocolate, too much fatty/comfort foods. About the only good things are:
1) I am aware of what I'm doing with my eating instead of being in denial. Which means I need to give myself a stern talking to and get on with eating healthier.
2) Although not making the smartest food choices I'm not binging and eating huge portions of said dumb foods.
and finally 3) I know I've been pretty crabby and depressed about my back (funny thing, pain 24/7 tends to make a person crabby! lol) I know that mentally/emotionally at least I've turned a corner. One sign is that I had been avoiding blogs/email/etc and now I'm back and catching up. Another is that Pie is calling me "smartass" on a regular basis again so my sense of humour must be returning! lol

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Online Equestrian Fitness Resources

I want to share a few online resources with you guys. They have an equestrian and a fitness slant, so I thought it doubly appropriate! One of my big motivators for being in better shape overall is to improve my riding (and to buy some tall riding boots, who am I kidding? lol). Now, this stuff might not be for everyone, but I just wanted to share some handy resources, just in case someone else found it useful.

(The reason that I’m focusing on the equestrian-type resources right now is that the exercises aren’t hard core. There are a lot of gentle stretching exercises and light callisthenic-type exercises listed.)

One of my goals this week to start adding some basic stretching and resistance exercises (lunges, pushups, etc.) to my routine. I’ve been walking more and watching my portion sizes, but I need more! I feel like a big fluff ball, so I want to start engaging more muscles and start feeling better about that. I don’t intend to get into hard-core weightlifting by any stretch, but I do hope to progress to doing some regular weights exercises over the coming months.

I have become acquainted with a personal trainer in my area that specializes in equestrian fitness. Heather is an accomplished rider herself and does dressage with her Arab gelding. She has all kinds of cool information on her web site, which is

Heather has great free monthly “FITTips” that you can sign up for. She has a regular fitness version and an equestrian version. I’ve signed up for both and really enjoy reading them. They are not just about exercises, but about all kinds of tips for riding and staying healthy. There are also a few free articles available, as well as an archive of previous FITTips – some of the topics covered are: stretches for riders, establishing good habits, how to make habits stick, etc.

I find Heather’s writing to be very positive and motivational. Some of the information has a bit of a dressage slant, but is all quite relevant to riding in general. She also writes for a few other publications – check them out if you need ideas about stretching, basic exercises or rider position! – a horse message board. Heather from also blogs here, so check out her writing at “Fit to Ride 1-2-3”. She will also answer questions, so if you were curious about something related to fitness or rider position, don’t hesitate to email her!

Dressage Today Magazine – Fitness Tip of the Month

There are a bunch of books that I found on equestrian fitness with a quick search on, but I wanted to focus on free, online resources… – some videos (haven’t watched them all, so not sure if they are ok or kinda lame) – just search for rider fitness on the home page and several pages of results come up. I know what I’m going to be reading up on this evening!

I also have several pages of exercises that I’ve ripped out of horse magazines over the past few years. If anyone is interested in them, let me know and I can scan the pages and email them to you… Sorry this post was so long...! I get all excited about online resources and link and stuff...

I’m interested to see if you guys have any other equestrian fitness links I have missed!

Stupid (?) Question...

Does our SIZE matter, or should we be more aware of how we FEEL? (Stronger? Not as tired? Happier? Not as PMS-y? etc etc..)

Cause frankly, I think I am stuck at this particular SIZE for a while yet.

But I am starting to FEEL better...


No Progress

I am still fat!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week Four In Review

Dude- wait a moment here. Did I just type Week F-O-U-R?

*checking back*... Yes, yes indeed I did.

Time flies when you are having fun, huh? (Or to twist that to fit the pace at Command Central, "Time Flies When You Are INSANE".)

Four weeks. So what have I learned? Or accomplished?

Still keeping things KISS.
Smaller portion sizes are getting to be "the norm"
My activity level is gaining daily
I've been riding (!!) more
The jumpoline has had one heck of a work out lately, as the Little Mens and I jump at *least* four times a week together.

Not bad. I feel stronger- may not LOOK much different, but I *FeeL* stronger. Dear Husband, when I asked him point blank how PMS has been on HIS end of things (he usually hates it when I do things like that,) said that I need... NEED... to keep this up as I was no where near as b*tchy and I never really got "mean". I still cried at the drop of a dog hair, and the hot flashes from Hell persist, but I FEEL better. (And as long as I am NICER, everyone around me feels better too.) Dear Husband also pointed out- "Honey, you did not get here overnight, do not expect to change things overnight either." I love that man.

(PMS in this house? Putting-up with Mom Sh*t)

OK- things I have learned:
- If I feel hungry, I try to drink first. Tea, water, hot chocolate, coffee, anything- hunger is not always hunger, it may be dehydration.
- The more I do, the better I feel, the more I want to move/ do.
- Doing jumping jacks on the jumpoline? Dude-- makes your arms feel like they each weigh about 100 pounds. No kidding.
- My biggest battle?
The kids. I kid you not (sorry...) Having two growing boys in the house is tough. I hear two things in my sleep at night (when I can sleep that is,) one being the theme music from Scooby Doo, the other their favorite "catch phrase" of, "Mom!! I'm HUNGRY!" I look at the clock in amazement, knowing it has only been thirty or forty minutes since the last desperate plea for sustenance, and wondering WHERE are they putting it all? Between them, they have four hollow legs.

So of course, as I fix an endless supply of peanut butter jelly sammiches, jello, crackers, etc, the bite here and bite there sneaks up on me. It does not help having one child who will eat EVERYTHING (with Cholula- he even wants Cholula on his sweet treats. Cholula. Its a HOT SAUCE.) and the other child who will eat.... not much. Cub? Loves veggies, meats, cheeses, breads, hot sauce (by the gallon), shoot- if it does not bite him first that boy will eat it. Wrecking Crew? Not so much. His tastes change literally from second to second. Once his plate is fixed though- that's it. He either eats it or he can think about it for a while. I am NOT a drive up/ take out/ have it your way cook shack. You eat what is fixed, or... you don't. Period. The problem with that? I can't stand to see the food go to waste... so I nibble on it here and there.

How to combat that? I take less (or wait and see what he'll eat) on my plate. If he does not eat, I'm good to go. If he actually eats, then I fix my plate.

Sounds pretty weird to say that out loud let me tell you...

Gotta say- this blog? Rocks. Knowing that there are other ladies out there, working together as hard as we are, has been a huge help. Between all of us, there is an incredible pool of knowledge, and I can't thank you guys enough for digging deep and sharing your journey, too.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving Ladies!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am sorry that I haven't been keeping up with you guys here but I've been reading and really appreciate how wonderfully positive you all are. I actually have been doing better with portion sizes and have gotten out for a few walks but have not been doing as much as I'd like to... which is why I have a question...

What are your thoughts on treadmills?

I used to have a bias against them because I love hiking and being outside but lately I'm thinking that I really might benefit from having access to one at home.

I have heard so many people say that they buy a treadmill only to have it sit unused but I'm thinking it might be the solution for me as part of my problem with getting out is weather, access to facilities and the time of day I have the most energy (later in the evening).

What are your thoughts on treadmills? What about fitness DVDs?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Quick Update

So yesterday, I finally did some pilates. And guess what? My shoulder held up and is a bit less sore today than yesterday! Couldn't be from the rice krispy sounds it made while doing pilates now, could it? Nah!! Can't be!

Anyways, I decided to give my shoulder a day of rest today. Don't want to jinx it. I'll do pilates again tomorrow and maybe in a week I can add back in some light weights for strength training. However, I don't think push ups are in the immediate future.

I'm still walking the vineyards. I admit I've been a little lazier this week and drove Dude to the bus or from the bus on occasion. But, I've walked most every day this past week. And, I've taken to feeding Maddie in the barn now that the rains and mud have come. That means I have to walk an extra 50 yards from the garage, where we store the hay to the barn, which is behind the house. It's a bit extra exercise and it keeps Maddie from wasting hay.

Halloween candy got the better of me on the 2nd. I had been content to just sniff it until then. I only had a couple pieces though. I wasn't all bad. Actually, I think I gave in because instead of thinking that I don't want any, I began to phrase it as "I can't have any". Huh. I just realized that as I typed this.

The constant headache of last week is also gone. While it was around, I didn't want to eat breakfast or lunch and fell into snacking attacks in the late afternoon. Now that the headaches are gone, I'm back to eating my normal breakfast of oatmeal with a handful of blueberries or a single serving of cereal and milk. I really prefer the oatmeal and blueberries. Anyways, I noticed that I feel better and don't have the desire to binge if I eat a decent breakfast in the morning.

Ok, that's my update! Anyone have any thoughts on how they plan to tackle eating with the holidays coming up?

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Timing is very important, even in implementing small changes.
For example trying to cut back on sugar right when TOM cam around was not a great idea.

(TOM - Time Of the Month)
I don't know why but when TOM's around I feel like I could eat everything and anything, double for sweets and carbs.
The other day was particularly rough. Crampy, migraine and no energy I vegged on the couch before going to work. I was watching Dr Oz and a woman asked why she felt like she could eat everything in the house just before and during her period.
That sure perked up my ears. And believe it or not there IS a reason. Its because our bodies send stress hormones and signals out and stress is a natural cue for our bodies to eat and store energy/calories/fat.
Super. So its not just my own will I have to battle but mother nature as well! lol I have to admit that I used regular sugar in my coffee this week (I've been trying Stevia). I'm also trying to reduce sweet treats like chocolate but gave myself a pass this week... after all I don't want to go to jail for killing someone due to TOM induced sugar cravings!
The good news is that I've survived another bout of TOM (or should that be my hubby survived? lol) and I made it through a killer two days. (work and a major one day road trip). Gave myself today to try to recharge and then I plan to be back at it tomorrow!

Have You Been Sparked?

I was really hesitant to write this post. Partially, I'm plugging a website I believe in, yet I don't like to plug anything. I'm also exposing a bit more of real-life me if someone really wanted to go find me on this site. And, I realize the body of this post sounds like a commercial. In reality, I just wanted to offer up another tool, another resource. So please bear with me!

Have you ever looked at weight loss websites like, or any of the other various pay-to-use websites which claim to offer support and motivation for your weight loss journey? Have you ever wondered why these sites charge $20 plus dollars a month? Have you felt that while you'd love the support and information available on these sites, that paying for it is just out of the question?

I've felt that way to. In January, when I decided to take control of my health and regain my life, I looked into a few different weight loss sites. And then I stumbled upon

I like that the site was completely free. I liked that I could join groups where people with my interests and challenges are around to help support me on my weight loss journey. I like that there is so much health info, not just weight loss info available to everyone. It's not about just eating a set group of recipes or following a pre-planned out exercise program or anything like that. Rather, it's about supporting a healthy lifestyle and changes each person makes along the way to reach their goals.

My biggest struggles have been motivation and consistency. I'm no good at keeping up any program when it's for me and me alone. And I have struggles that I don't necessarily have other people around me to talk about with. Nor do I like to count calories. However, with Spark People, all the guess work is taken out of calorie counting and calorie burning. And there are other people like me that can relate to ME. Other people who suffer with fibromyalgia, other people who ride horses, who have kids, who are just tired of being the fat girl. Just other people who get me and get the various struggles I go through.

I still struggle with motivation and consistency. I still go through periods of being super gung-ho with the website and periods of being rather ho-hum about everything. But, motivation, inspiration and information are always just a webpage away.

So, check out SP and get sparked!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Week In Review

Well, SOMEONE played a mighty dirty trick, as the head cold that my sweet Cub brought home from his mini vacation with Granny was no treat for any of us. Fortunately, I missed the actual getting sick part. (At least *so far* I have missed it. Phew.) Wrecking Crew and I had a grand time while Cub was gone and he kept me active. We jumped, walked, played and in general just kept going.

I need to start marking down the days that I jump, ride, and work with Sonny. By the end of the week, I can't remember a darn thing from more than 12 hours previous. (CRS. Yeah, it sucks. It's also hereditary- you get it from your kids.) I'm pretty sure we did a good bit though, as I can feel a difference in my abs and legs.

The weather has been cooler, so I've been in sweat pants and not shorts. It dawned on me the other day, as Wrecker helped me clean out the closet, that my former clothes horse self has completely changed face. Oh sure, there are still some nice tops and a couple of skirts in the deep recesses of the closet, but I honestly can't remember the last time I wore any of them.

Of course, with the two little dynamos in my care all day, I am generally too tired to dress up for anything!

All in all, the week was a productive one. I feel good, and a bit stronger. Jumping is getting easier, and I aim to jump four times a week for about 15 minutes at a time. (OK- wait. That sounded wrong. I jump until my legs quit, then I sit down to catch my breath. Then I jump some more, then I flop down. But I am able to jump more, for longer, each day.) Are things fitting better? I can't really say- the sweats have always been big and baggy. Do I see a physical difference in the mirror? Honestly, I've tried to NOT look lately, instead I've been trying to go off "feel".

One thing I CAN say though--- PMS? MUCH MUCH BETTER. Not as many cravings, cramping was greatly reduced, and Dear Husband said I was much easier to live with. (I still got weepy though. Yeah yeah.. so I cry at dog food commercials. Sue me.)

OK- your turn. How'd the week go for you guys??? Laura, still feeling better? CDN- how is the sugar issue? Oregon, still walking and moving around?? AOHCM- how are you doing out there? Feeling better and moving about some now? Regina- hows the ankle? SG-- how can we help you out, getting started?

Stay strong y'all!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Introducing Myself...

This post has been a long time coming.

I just haven't had the time to sit and compose a thoughtful post. I guess that's one of the many reasons I am where I am. Time.

There was a time when I was teeny tinythen I went to college and discovered an unboundless love of junk food that fueled my late night studies. I skipped the gym, spent more time in front of my computer and packed on the pounds.

Once I realized that I was gaining weight I went into denial. Maybe it was the jeans, they were new afterall. Maybe the cut was different. A million different excuses. Nothing seemed to get me into the gym, not even my then boyfriend dumping me because I was "fat".

I continued my weight gain, and now here I am 70 lbs. heavier than the day I started college. It's not something I am proud of. I am not ashamed of it either but I want to do something about. I want to get myself back to a healthy weight.

I know it all starts with diet and exercise and I am hoping this blog is the jumpstart I need to keep myself motivated. I look forward to hearing from everyone and hopefully I can report some great progress!

The journey begins..