Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gobble Gobble...

I felt (and still feel) like this:

But in all actuality,
the Smoked Turkey,
Smoked Boston Butt,

Banana Split Cake
And numerous other goodies, I am actually very proud.
I was able to quit eating when that "comfortable" level was reached.
(I think this could be cheatering though, since I also wore a pair of jeans that
were pretty darn snug as a reminder.)

And IN those pretty tight jeans,
I did THIS!

Yep, rode my horse in the new to me saddle from Nuzzling Muzzles.

Plan for the week? Flush out the sugar I did eat. I've woken up the past few mornings,
feeling like total crap. The only thing Dear Husband and I can think of
is the sweets- something we have not been eating lately aside
from the rare bite here and there. While I didn't indulge in a LOT of the sweet stuff,
I did eat some every day.
Might not have been the smartest thing I could have done.

Since my back is feeling better (knock on wood!) this week means

And if my horse gets over his moments of stupidity,
Maybe a couple more rides, too.

How'd the rest of my American fellows do? Come on now- I don't want to be the only one hanging it out here, for all to see!


Laura said...

Sounds like you had a nice Tksgiving! That banana split dessert looks yummy!

But I have to ask - what the heck is smoked boston butt?? Never heard of that before... ;-)

You rode Sonny in a ssaddle! Wooooo! You guys look great.

Wow - sure is quiet around here...

Laura said...
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Laura said...
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Laura said...

Just to let everyone know, the 2 deleted comments are mine. Blogger is be a bit of a douche. Guess it doesn't like Monday mornings either! :-)

Mrs Mom said...

Laura- Boston Butt is the shoulder portion of pork (sorry piggy picture! LOL) WHY its called a butt, I have yet to find out. (Might need to ask Alton Brown on FoodNetwork

I like smoking-- its slow cooking drains off a lot of the fat, but the meat still comes out tender and moist, and with incredible flavor.

I think we need to jump up and down and holler to get everyone else moving here. Ya with me? ;)

Laura said...

Ah, it is a pork shoulder... Smoked turkey/pork butt (hee hee) sounds delicious!

I'm with ya on the jumpin' and hollerin'!! ;-)

oregonsunshine said...

I ate everything I wanted. I didn't count calories. But, (that's BUT, not butt, thanks!) BUT, I did 95% of the cooking for the whole weekend so I was either too tired to attempt to over-eat or I have better control than I thought!

The only exercise I got was feeding the critters and running my mouth on overdrive as I got caught up with our family that was visiting.

My in-laws did come, they even spent 2 nights here before going to the house on the coast my brother-in-law rented. However, they made it clear that they don't consider the husband and I married since they weren't at our wedding almost 3 yrs ago. Oddly, that explains a lot!

cdncowgirl said...

I'm sooo glad Laura beat me to the "what's a butt?" question! lmao

You go girl... lookit you ridin that red pony! And way to go with letting yourself enjoy the holiday without obsessing over "being good" and still keeping things reasonable. That is the way to do it!!

Mrs Mom said...

OS- I think doing most of the cooking diminishes appetite! I helped with a LOT of the cooking (and endless cleaning). By the time the eating part rolled around, I didnt really want a lot. Course the thought of more cleaning made me take it easy on things

CDN- Thx! And I'm gonna say it again- welcome back. I missed hearing from you! :)