Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week Five In Review

Well. Let's see- first thing that comes to mind is:

Next up would be:
Damn my back hurts.

Last week was miserable. There may have been a disturbance in the Force, a hormonal flux capacitatior break down, or a screw up somewhere along the way, but I felt like CRAP pretty much all week. (How bad? To the point that I broke down and just BAWLED all over my poor Dear Husband for really no reason on Friday morning. Yeah, it was THAT BAD.)
I scared Dear Husband. Friday night he brought these home for me....

However, I rallied, and made Saturday a better day. Sunday was better still, and I even went and trimmed a horse.

She was a GOOD horse, but.... somewhere along the way, my back (in which there are compressed disc issues in the low back,) decided that it was underwhelmed by my desire to go back to work. I guess pulling shoes from one horse Friday morning (pre-hysterics,) and trimming on Sunday were just too much for it.

Yesterday, I tried to jump with the kids, and about three seconds into it, we sorted out Real Quick that was a Very Bad Idea.

I doubled up on my joint supplement, and am taking the minimum in pain meds, and trying to be Very Careful.

Between the FUBAR in the Cosmos (or just in my old, creaking, protesting, and semi-crippled up body,) last week wound up with me feeling like a whale, frustrated, and really ticked off at my body.

Nightmares, I tell ya, just nightmares.

Today, I woke up somewhat stiff but moving better. Until of course, we went to our first barn call. I had to help hold the "patient" (who was NOT "patient" in the least,) and tweaked my back.. again.

So instead of complaining more, I'll pop another MSM- GLucosamine- Chondrotins- Hylaronic Acid supplement (still under the daily reccomened does by the way,) and I''ll just ease along.

Weight wise? Shoot, I have no clue. *Feeling* like a whale may or may not translate into looking like one. It has been hard as all get out to not over-indulge this week, and dive into comfort foods up to my snout.

Ah well-- this week is another week. Each day is a new day, and we will take it one step at a time.

Be strong y'all, we'll make it!!


Promise said...

Sorry to hear that. I hope this week goes a bit better for you. Hang in there!

Kitty Moore said...

Oh dear - hope you're feeling better.

Laura said...

Sorry to hear about the crappy week. Hormones are such a pain!

Too bad about your back - I hope the supplements can ease it a bit. I always feel bad for people with back issues - doesn't seem to be alot you can do but suffer through it.

Hope this week is shaping up to be better!