Monday, November 23, 2009

Sick again and other blatherings

Last Wednesday, Dude got the H1N1 shot at school. Thursday evening, I began to run a low grade fever, mild body aches and a cough. Is it related?

When I was married to The Marine, while he was in the service, he was given a flu shot every year. Just like clockwork, he'd get the shot and I'd get sick with the flu roughly 24-48 hours later. Of course, in the 90's, the military here received a small dose of live virus instead of the killed virus given to civilians. So, it makes sense that I'd get sick, right?

Well, Dude was supposed to get a shot with killed H1N1 virus. Only the nasal spray is supposed to contain any of the live virus. And yet, here I am, sick with mild flu symptoms.

Worse, we have family due to arrive on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. My MIL is already in fragile health with MS. This is about the last thing I'd want to expose our family elders to! So, we're going to hope it's really just a mild cold and that I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

In the mean time, we've been moving furniture, cleaning, painting, etc to get ready for our family visitors to arrive on Wednesday. My in-laws will be here, in my home for the very first time EVER. I don't just mean here in the new house, but it will be the first visit to any home my husband and I have lived in during our 2 1/2 year marriage, even though they have made frequent trips to Oregon from their home in Idaho (and not because they haven't been invited, because they have). So, I feel extra pressured and extra stressed.

A lot of other stressful things I can't yet talk about have been happening too. But, I have been walking with Dude to and from the bus several times a week. Well, not as much last week with the horrendous wind storms we were having. But, you can understand my driving him to and from on those days, right?

Hope all is well with everyone else!


Mrs Mom said...

Oh gosh OS, feel better quick!!

And YES drive the lil man to the bus in those winds!! For petes sake, we dont want to hear about the poor lil fella blowing away, nor YOU for having to chase after him! ;)

Hang tough- chin up, and know we're all pulling for you out here. It's all good!!! (And I know what you mean about the pressure. My husbands folks? When we lived elsewhere, would NOT come to our home even with invites. They think nothing of going to his brother and sister- both of whom are not known for their housekeeping skills- but ours? Nope. Now that we live literally two hundred yards away? You guessed it--- Pop comes once in a while, but never sits and stays, and Mom? Shoot..... she's been here I think twice. Ah well.. least I know it's OK to walk from shower to bedroom nekkid w/o having to answer the door! hehehe)

cdncowgirl said...

Hope that it is just a cold! Although even those can be nasty enough to deal with, especially when stressed.
If it makes you feel any better my MIL & FIL been to my home exactly twice, although not together! (they are still married) The MIL was here when we first bought the place and the day after the wedding for the gift opening. The FIL was here the day we looked at the house and about a year later when there was something wrong with the furnace.
Oh yeah... we've lived here for almost 8 years and they live about 5 minutes away.
Family, go figure!

Try not to let things stress you too much, its harder to get better when you're stressed :)

oregonsunshine said...

I *think* I can talk about a bit of the stress here safely, without discovery by RL people.

I popped up with a cold sore last night. I'm sure it's from stress or some such thing. The custody battle is not going well. My lawyer is planning on withdrawing. I also need to find another attorney to sue my lawyer for misrepresentation, ethics violations and not doing any real work. This was just recently discovered and confirmed yesterday. So it appears that we've wasted money, put my daughter under undue stress, and created more unhappiness because our lawyer lied to us about our chances of winning custody of my daughter away from her paternal grandmother. Fun, huh? You see, the state where Kitty resides doesn't like to move children at all away from their schools and friends, parental custody or not. And it doesn't matter that Grandma got custody through manipulation and dishonesty. The message clearly sent by that state is that if you get divorced and you aren't the parental custodian for ANY reason, you've basically given up your rights. And the only way to change that is to go to trial for custody, which costs around $50,000, not including expenses or a PI to do an independent investigation of all parties involved.

So, that's stress for ya. Now I know, so we move on. At least Kitty knows I fought for her. That has to count for something, right?

Laura said...

OS - what a terrible situation to be going through. That is intense... My Bro-in-law went through something similar and it was just awful on all parties. Things have all worked out for the best now, but it was several years of misery, lawyers (blech) and wacko relatives and ex-relatives.

I'm really sorry about your situation. I hope you can talk to Kitty and explain everything to her in due time.

I hope you don't get the full-on flu - maybe because you are stressed, you are just showing a few symptoms. Either way, I hope you feel better soon.

Hang in there!