Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holy Crap-- HOLIDAYS...

They're HERE. Or almost here. Well, actually for our Canadian pals, you've already had Thanksgiving. We crazy Americans are hitting our stride, preparing to give thanks and DIVE IN. For like, two months.

OK maybe not quite that long, but you get the idea. First, this Thursday we have our Thanksgiving- a day traditionally filled with turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, corn, biscuits, pies, puddings, cakes, and LEFT OVERS. Oh dear--- it is sheer HEAVEN to have left over slow roasted turkey on a sammich smothered in mayo the next day.... *smacking lips*

Here in the Southland, they deep fry the turkey in peanut oil. Which is quite good, but once in a while I yearn for a slow roasted bird. Or a smoked one.

Wow talk about a torture session. Here we are on a blog where we are working away, bit by bit, to get into a healthier state, right? Right.

So. Let's hear it. What are you all planning, to help control the insanity that washes over us during this time of year? Not just the food- but the EXTRA stresses as well. Stress? What stress.... HA~ ... Sorry.. a wee bit of sarcasm slipped out on me there. Bad Mrs Mom- bad bad.

For my part, portion control has been in place long enough now that it literally is not an option to eat too much. I eat a bit of this, a bit of that, and feel comfortable. I quit at "comfortable" and try to avoid "stuffed to bursting/ exploding if I take a deep breath/ have to roll me HOME because my legs won't work" full. The food however, is the easy part. Always is. This time of year has traditionally been utterly miserable for me, and here we are, still fighting the Good Fight (not sure on the status of the Fight yet. I'll know more this coming Friday- if I survive the week).

I plan on hiding. No- for real. I plan on cutting out and hiding. Thanksgiving means an influx of additional family members, and those of you who know me, know I don't do an overload of people well at all. I enjoy the work, the cleaning, cooking, and fussing getting everything ready and beautiful. But when the people arrive? Dude, I want to scoot far far away.

The Big Christmas Celebration is generally held four hours north of us. We don't attend as I need someone to care for the Wonder Nanny Dog and Sonny Bunz. Since I don't know anyone I'd trust to do that... we stay home. (Less people, still amazing food, and much less stress. Works. For. Me.)

What tips do you have to deal with the stress of the season? Is there anyone else out there who goes into hiding as a matter of self preservation, sanity salvation?

Hang in there y'all-- we'll make it step by step!!

And remember----- this is NOT about "getting skinny". This is NOT about bashing, beating, bruising, and bullying each other into guilt. If we have a bad week, we have a bad week. Shoot, if we have a bad MONTH, we have a bad month. It Happens. The important part? To me at least, is knowing WE ARE NOT ALONE.

Let's hear it!! Y'all have been TOOOOOOO QUUIIIIEEETTTTTTTTTTT......


Laura said...

You are right, MM (as usual) it has been quiet here!

Happy early Tksgviving to all you American gals!

The first part of your post had me craving turkey! lol I can't believe they fry a turkey in peanut oil down there - that must be wild. I think most people here roast them in the oven.

This year for our thanksgiving, I was still recovering, so my appetite was gone, so I didn't overindulge at all... Christmas, well, we'll see! :-)

I'm not much of a social butterfly - I will attend family gatherings but try to avoid extra parties and such. Luckily both sides of our family are small, so there isn't a ton of obligations.

Hope your stress levels out or backs off a bit!

Mrs Mom said...

hehehehe Laura, I am going to start jumping up and down and hollering so y'all can hear me down here ;)

My stress level off? Dude.. not until 2010 when this holiday stuff is OVER.

AKPonyGirl said...

I have never been one for a big holiday celebration. After working for FedEx for 13 Christmases, a mere 24 hours off left me with no desire to do anything but sleep. My family here is very small: my husband, my daughter and me; and my mom who lives in an assisted living facility. This year I told them we would do a tree and decorate but they have to help.

As far as hiding - sounds like a good idea to me. I always say it's a shame we can't choose our family like we choose our friends.

I check this blog every day and I agree - YOU HAVE BEEN TOO QUIET!!

oregonsunshine said...

I've decided that for one day, I'm going to eat what I want. Of course, I tend to eat healthy and make healthier choices to begin with. I'm not going to stuff myself at all. Then again, I'm the girl that only eats 2 pieces of pizza and am then full.

Also, I'm doing the cooking. After cooking a ton of food for thx, I'm sure I won't want to eat.

My mom will be here. She'll want to go for walks for exercise, so we'll walk the vineyards. She'll be a great motivator to keep moving!

As for the rest, I'll blog about it shortly.

cdncowgirl said...

I kinda get off easy here. I don't have a huge family, and of that very little is actually here. Then you add in the restaurant biz and I miss a lot of the going out/celebrating stuff.
(kinda sad but kinda good)
I find that I have more day to day stuff to dodge with a friend that I swear tries to sabotage me so that she isn't left being chubby by herself.