Thursday, November 5, 2009


Timing is very important, even in implementing small changes.
For example trying to cut back on sugar right when TOM cam around was not a great idea.

(TOM - Time Of the Month)
I don't know why but when TOM's around I feel like I could eat everything and anything, double for sweets and carbs.
The other day was particularly rough. Crampy, migraine and no energy I vegged on the couch before going to work. I was watching Dr Oz and a woman asked why she felt like she could eat everything in the house just before and during her period.
That sure perked up my ears. And believe it or not there IS a reason. Its because our bodies send stress hormones and signals out and stress is a natural cue for our bodies to eat and store energy/calories/fat.
Super. So its not just my own will I have to battle but mother nature as well! lol I have to admit that I used regular sugar in my coffee this week (I've been trying Stevia). I'm also trying to reduce sweet treats like chocolate but gave myself a pass this week... after all I don't want to go to jail for killing someone due to TOM induced sugar cravings!
The good news is that I've survived another bout of TOM (or should that be my hubby survived? lol) and I made it through a killer two days. (work and a major one day road trip). Gave myself today to try to recharge and then I plan to be back at it tomorrow!


Mrs Mom said...

All bets are off with PMS in this house. I have noticed however, that since being more active, it hasnt been *as bad*-- I still have cravings, but they are not as strong. Went from wanting chocolate/ sugary stuff, to things like meats, cheeses, and high protein content.

One step at a time CDN!! We are gaining!

Michelle said...

TOM....that's funny! I might have to adopt that. Hope you are feeling better and back on track soon!

oregonsunshine said...

I heard that too. Then I felt justified for my pig out last month. It only lasted a couple days and I was much, much better with my eating afterwards.

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

EH! What is with TOM???!!! I have the worst time with that... I hear that if you go for a short walk around the block everytime you have a craving it will help.... Good luck with that, right? lol I also have heard that you can take some suppliment for it from the health food store.