Monday, November 23, 2009


Do you believe in horoscopes? I'm not sure how much weight I'd be willing to put in one but I have to say that I sure hope a recent one of mine is true:

"Determination is key. These momentary setbacks will be over soon enough. Its a testament to your fortitude that you have persevered in the face of adversity, and soon there will be nothing trying to stop you."

If that is indeed true then hallelujah!
I was feeling blue and contemplating my run of poor luck and how it seems to have coincided with going public with this blog. At the time I was also skimming through the newspaper and hit upon the horoscopes. I like to read them and see what my day was supposed to bring (its usually late evening when I read the paper). That day I was particularly down... my back had finally started to feel almost normal again (I had strained it at work 3-4 weeks prior) but I had also just hurt my foot.
Go figure, it was horse related. At penning the Sunday before last I got stepped on. Funny how its rarely one of my own horses. Maybe that's because they have more respect for me and my space?? Anyhow it wasn't as simple as step on - step off. Nope she stepped, pivoted and then stepped off.
I didn't think too much of it. Sure it hurt like a son-of-a-gun, enough that I was mounting and dismounting from the right because it was the left foot and hurt too much to put enough weight in the stirrup to mount.
Then I got home, took off my boot and noticed the bruising and swelling. The swelling was bad enough that I couldn't put a boot on again until Saturday. I never took the time to go hang around at the doctor's office with all the sick, germy people (ok they're not all sick and germy but it is 'cold & flu season') so I didn't get an x-ray. But my chiropractor and a few nurse friends were pretty sure that due to how it bruised and the swelling that there was a very minor hairline fracture. Nothing that the doctor's would have done that I wasn't already doing so that reaffirmed my decision not to waste the doc's time (and to stay away from the germs! lol)
The good news is the swelling is down to almost normal. And while it still hurts to walk for very long I *can* walk on it so I'm planning to hit the treadmill, albeit gently for now.
... that is IF my horoscope is true and I can done with these "momentary setbacks"!


Mrs Mom said...

hehe That sounds like a pretty good Horriblescope there girlfriend! ;)

Take care of that hoof- they heal slow. Make sure you wear good sneakers when you are getting back into the swing of things, to get the best support you can!!

Keep in touch!! :)

oregonsunshine said...

Oh no! Hair line fractures are no fun! Poor Cdn! Well, I will hope that it heals quickly and the pain and swelling subside even quicker!

I haven't read my horoscope in years. I used to do the same as you and read it after work, after the day was done to see what applied and what didn't. Some times a great deal would apply. But, mostly, no dice for me.

I would usually pay more attention to and note things like "Mars is in retrograde, so people are going to be more cranky" and then see if they had been that day or not. That part I usually found to be more accurate.

Laura said...

Too bad your hurt your foot just as your back was getting better!


Glad to hear that it is getting better though. Hopefully it doesn't give you too much trouble now.

That horoscope sounds pretty good. I don't read mine regularly, but sometimes check one out for a laugh. Wouldn't that be a fun job to write horoscopes? What a hoot!

That being said, I had a great Chinese cookie fortune that I've taped to my monitor at work to help me feel better. It says "sunny times are ahead". Those four words have been giving me hope that all of my stess and sickness will pass and things will get better...