Thursday, November 5, 2009

Have You Been Sparked?

I was really hesitant to write this post. Partially, I'm plugging a website I believe in, yet I don't like to plug anything. I'm also exposing a bit more of real-life me if someone really wanted to go find me on this site. And, I realize the body of this post sounds like a commercial. In reality, I just wanted to offer up another tool, another resource. So please bear with me!

Have you ever looked at weight loss websites like, or any of the other various pay-to-use websites which claim to offer support and motivation for your weight loss journey? Have you ever wondered why these sites charge $20 plus dollars a month? Have you felt that while you'd love the support and information available on these sites, that paying for it is just out of the question?

I've felt that way to. In January, when I decided to take control of my health and regain my life, I looked into a few different weight loss sites. And then I stumbled upon

I like that the site was completely free. I liked that I could join groups where people with my interests and challenges are around to help support me on my weight loss journey. I like that there is so much health info, not just weight loss info available to everyone. It's not about just eating a set group of recipes or following a pre-planned out exercise program or anything like that. Rather, it's about supporting a healthy lifestyle and changes each person makes along the way to reach their goals.

My biggest struggles have been motivation and consistency. I'm no good at keeping up any program when it's for me and me alone. And I have struggles that I don't necessarily have other people around me to talk about with. Nor do I like to count calories. However, with Spark People, all the guess work is taken out of calorie counting and calorie burning. And there are other people like me that can relate to ME. Other people who suffer with fibromyalgia, other people who ride horses, who have kids, who are just tired of being the fat girl. Just other people who get me and get the various struggles I go through.

I still struggle with motivation and consistency. I still go through periods of being super gung-ho with the website and periods of being rather ho-hum about everything. But, motivation, inspiration and information are always just a webpage away.

So, check out SP and get sparked!


AKPonyGirl said...

My friend Wild Horse Annie has been on SP for a year. She loves it and has encouraged all of us to join. I haven't joined, I just read her pages.

How's Freya? Back to normal?

cdncowgirl said...

I checked it out awhile ago when I was too chicken to take this blog public.
For me SP wasn't quite the right fit. Maybe I just didn't find the right groups?? Plus I seemed to get a TON of spam.
But I've heard from others who have had great experiences with it.

Mrs Mom said...

I haven't been there. In fact, I dont think I've looked up anything online about diet and such- never even crossed my mind that it might be a resource... (bad bad bad! LOL)

I'll have to pop over and take a look! Thanks for the tip and letting us know about it!!

oregonsunshine said...

It may not be for everyone but I wanted to throw it out there in case it DID help someone. As I've said, I lack the motivation and follow through to use it to the fullest. In fact, I tend to start feeling like a slave to the computer if I delve in too deeply. But, it helps from time to time. And sometimes it gives me motivation and inspiration.

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Good for you for trying new things and seeing what works for you. My support group is my Mom and sister, I dont know what i'd do without them! Sounds neat, I'll check it out. Thanx