Friday, August 19, 2011

How many times

... do I have to go back to Square Frickin One?!

**she asks as if anyone still reads here**

So yeah, I'm at Square 1... with everything.  I had my head hidden in the sand and then it hit me... I'm fighting the depression battle again.  So my exercise, food, everything has been shoved to the side.
The good news from all this is that I've caught the depression a LOT earlier than the really bad spell I fought through in my early-mid 20's
(crap I hope this doesn't turn into a regular thing to go through every 10 years or so)
And because I recognize it I can work through it, like I said I've done it before.  I know I have a lot to be thankful for, I'm very blessed.  So if I can start to work on me then I can tackle food & exercise which will in turn help fight back the depression... endorphins and all that.
So yeah, I'm still here.  Starting from scratch, again.  Anyone else still here?


Laura said...

I'm here - I hear ya about the square one business... I'm right there with you.

Feel free to write here or send emails if you need some support. We are here for ya! :-)

Mrs. Mom said...

Yeah man, I'm here too. And I feel your pain. With the way 2011 has gone, I'm *still* trying to recover physically. Biggest challenge thus far? Learning how to sleep all night, and restfully, again. Some day it will happen!!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Man ohma! I hear ya , I have started over so many times nd I always believe "this time I will get it " I fugure as long as we are aware and still trying it counts

Mikey said...

I'm here and I'm hearin' ya. I'm in the same boat and having a hard time pulling my head out of the sand (or in my case out from under the pillows)
Here's hoping things get better for all of us. I know the economy and all the depressing things we see have a lot to do with it. Depression sucks, but at least you recognize it!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yup. I write "exercise" on my To Do List every day, got my own indoor gym, but just can't get the energy up to take care of myself. It's true that it's so hard to workout when depressed, yet we know that working out is the solution. You can beat this.

Anonymous said...

Me too! Me too! But, you know what? Every time we start over at square one, we have more knowledge than we did the time before! And each time we start over, we're moving forward. Not sitting in a rut. Not stuck in a hole. Not inert. And that all counts for something!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

I understand completely about the depression part...I have that problem, too. I had lost 20 pounds last year, then gained 10 of it back. Feel like I am at square one, too.