Friday, April 16, 2010

Not sure how it happened

I've been seriously neglecting my diet lately.
Diet as in the amount and types of foods I intake, not diet as in a particular food plan.
Anyhow, I've been eating whatever I want, whenever I want - even if it is something that I'm trying to limit. The stress of trying to get the house in order and working on the banking end of things (see here if you need to be caught up) made me totally ignore my 'healthy & mindful eating' goals.
And because I'm spending all my spare time cleaning/decluttering the house, running to appointments and the other little details that go along with trying to sell/buy property I have had VERY little pony time (which is making me cranky) and have had NO time to go to Curves (which surprisingly is also making me cranky lol) So it came as a complete and utter shock to me that I have lost 4 whole pounds!
Not sure how it happened but I'll take it! :)


Keebler said...

Hey - 4lbs is 4lbs! I guess all of the running around and worrying has maybe countered things a bit. I have always thought that people that were busy doing "stuff" burned a few more calories...

Hope all is going well with the house sales - can't wait to hear and update and see some pics!

Mrs. Mom said...

You Go Girl! It's 4 pounds less than you HAD to move around ;)

Fingers crossed in this corner too, on the house stuff, the life stuff and everything! Heres hoping you can get in some PONY TIME PDQ. I know that withdrawl you are going through.... Found a temporary fix for it too, but A) it's "adult" and B) never lasts long enough! ;)

Keep us posted when you can!!

Anonymous said...

Couple of thoughts on HOW you lost those 4 lbs:

- All the cleaning and packing and craziness has you burning more calories

- Perhaps your normal diet is too low in calories so your progress stalls. While it sounds contradictory, eating MORE can help you loose weight if you plateau for a bit. Not eating enough will stall weight loss.