Sunday, April 11, 2010

This one's for you, Mrs. Mom!

To help our wonderful Mrs. Mom not feel so bad about her picture from the other day, I thought I'd post a particularly bad one of me and Rusty. I think the angle is a bit funny, but either way, it is not a flattering shot of me.
Even though I've actually lost a bit of weight recently, there is still a ways to go.

So, this afternoon will be spent looking at cookbooks and meal plans for ideas for healthy food throughout the week. Also, I will be planning out my exercise for the week. It will be written in my calendar and it will be done.

This extra weight? It's gotta go. It's been dragging me down for a while now.

Are you guys in with me?


GunDiva said...

Um, yeah.

I've got some pictures scheduled to post tomorrow, and, well, you'll just have to excuse the fat suit I'm wearing. There's really a size six in there (deep, deep, deep in there, but that six is there).

Mrs. Mom said...

I'm in girlfriend. Kiss Rusty from me ;)

Anonymous said...

I hear you!