Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Am Encouraged!

Right, so this is just *so wrong* on so many levels, but... well, since this IS our Getting Healthier, Getting Stronger Journey Together Journal, I felt the need to share this image. Taken today, by my sweet son, Cub. (Who had this "thing" today about taking lots of shots of Mom's Patootie... strange...)

OK- so maybe the IMAGE itself isn't so strange.
Yeah. No. Not so much-- it's pretty darn strange.

Sharing the image is pretty strange too, for someone who is a private person that tends to shun the camera... (Yep. I use Delete a LOT when photos of me happen to show up...)

But, well, there it is. I was really pretty darn happy to see this shot. My Patootie? It's really NOT four axe handles wide! In fact, the jeans have a tad of ROOM.

Yeah Man.

Got a bit to go in this journey still, but seeing that? Made me realize I *AM* making progress.


cdncowgirl said...

What is it with little kids and behinds?? I swear they're all obsessed. lol

Now not to sound strange but looking good girl! Isn't it nice to see some progress?
(I tend to delete pics of myself too)

cdncowgirl said...

Oh and speaking of cheeks... is it just me or are your cheekbones a bit more defined?
Can only see the one side of your face obviously but that cheekbone looks a bit more standout to me.

Laura said...

Good for you for posting a picture - I think you look great! :-) Definitely not four axe handles wide (which that expression caused me to laugh out loud and spray water on my monitor)

I delete pics of myself all the time too...

Mrs Mom said...

CDN- Hmmm, I don;t know... I'll have to dig around and see if there are any other shots to compare it to... Maybe it's just the angle I was holding my head at too- cranking it around to try and see what the kids were up to... (Taking pix of my butt... duh! LOL)

Laura- My DAD used that quote a long while ago, and I did the same thing more or less that you did-- he said it when I had a mouthful of soda, and it all came spraying out in a rush as I proceeded to laugh myself into a coughing fit. Never forgot it! LOL Never a dull moment with my Dad around I tell ya..lol

Anonymous said...

I don't delete pics of me, but I don't share them either. I do avoid the camera though as much as possible and I always have, even when skinny.

Every bit of progress counts! Way to go Mrs Mom!