Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I am... Here... sorta

After our torrential downpour that turned the clay slop of my property into soap (or, it felt like I was walking or driving on a bar of slippery soap!), I seem to have tweaked my knee. So, I am taking it easy. The flights of stairs here in the house are challenging enough when I absolutely must go up them. In fact, I've relented on only using the bathroom upstairs (a way to sneak in extra movement) and am using the kids' bathroom on the main floor. And I'm not going downstairs much to the bottom floor either (it's not really a basement. You'd have to see my house to understand).

Additionally, with the holidays upon us, I seem to have gotten super-duper busy although we're not going anywhere and the only family coming here is Doodle, my step-daughter, who is flying in from Upstate NY for a visit. However, as we all know, life doesn't stop on a hobby farm for holidays, a little rain, tweaked knees or really bad colds.

For a week I've been really exhausted. Just tired and drained, yet I can't seem to fall asleep when I try to nap. I really haven't gotten my rear up off the couch for anything besides chores or necessary shopping. Then to top it off, my TOM started yesterday and kicked in with cramps from HELL. You know, the kind that shoot down into your thighs and leave you a quivering, jellied mass of pain wishing for the sweet release of death because OTC meds aren't working and anything stronger leaves you unable to function? Yeah, those.

Now, I know I'm justifying my laziness here. However, I recognize that. And I'm a big girl and I take responsibility for it. In my head, there really isn't an excuse for excuses. But, I decided that since it's my birthday week and I can do whatever I like. Ok, it's my birthday week only IF you start your weeks on Monday and they end on Sunday. Otherwise, I really shouldn't claim this week, but I'm not claiming next week as my birthday will be over by Monday, right?

Anyways, enough of the justifications, ramblings and lazy talk!

There ARE things in the works this week that require me to do physical stuffs. I'm aware of what some of my birthday presents/ Xmas presents are and they don't fit under the tree or in my barn as it is right now or anywhere else on the property for that matter. I'm not going to share yet because not everything has fallen into place quite yet and celebration events haven't occurred quite yet. So, ya'll will have to wait for the big reveal later. But needless to say, I'm really busy and really, really stoked!


Mrs Mom said...

Now girl, take good care of that knee, and don't push it too hard. And sometimes, I think, we NEED to just... relax the rules. Hormones, stress, illness, beat up bodies, you name it- sometimes we just need to tell the World to chill a bit, 'cause we need a time out.

Can't WAIT to hear the Big Reveal!!!!!!


Laura said...

Ditto to Mrs. Mom's comment - take care of the knee!!!

Happy early birthday and Merry Christmas!!!

Can't wait to hear the news!!! Hope there are some pics to go along with it! :-)

cdncowgirl said...

oooh, news??? But we have to wait? You tease! :)

Take care of that knee, definately not something you want to push too soon/too fast.

AAAAND Happy early birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies!

Slid on the slop we call clay today coming back in from chores. My knee moved in a kind of weird way, popped and now is as fit as a fiddle! I probably just tweaked it good and shifted something in the joint attempting to maneuver on the slick clay soil.

However, I'm sad to report that my step-daughter cannot fly to us for Xmas. NY is having a blizzard and so is Chicago, where her connecting flight is. They're saying that no one will be flying in or out until Sunday at the earliest. So, no Doodle for us this year! :(

Big reveal complete with pictures on Sunday or Monday! Stay tuned!