Thursday, December 31, 2009

SMART Resolutions

Its that time of year again... New Year's Resolutions. I always joke that since NYR seem to be made to be broken that mine will be to take up smoking and to quit horses... and every year I succeed in 'breaking' my NYR! lol

This time I'm going to tweak things and make SMART Resolutions. As Keebler has pointed out SMART goals are those that are:
My number 1 SMART Res is to get back on the treadmill for a minimum of 30 minutes a day/5 days a week. To work that up to 45 minutes for at least 3 of those days by the middle of February.
I don't like to focus on the pounds and the numbers. It is honestly more important to me that I feel good than to reach a certain magic number on the scale. However I know that to be/feel healthy my weight does need to be a smaller number than it currently is. (I'm not quite brave enough to say out loud to the blog world what that number is.) However my number 2 SMART Res is to have my weight be under a certain number by the end of July. August is the provincial finals for barrel racing and I want to be under that number by the time they roll around. The lbs removed per month is attainable if I start moving my butt more and eating better. (and remain injury free!)
Speaking of eating, SMART Res number 3 is a tough one, for me... to eat more veggies. I don't know if its that sweet tooth or what but I find most veggies quite bitter. Although I was very happy that Mom made turnip as one of the sides for Christmas dinner. Not sure why but I really like turnip. Sadly Pie doesn't so I don't make it often.
I plan on eating at least one work meal a week as a salad, Chicken Greek most likely. And to have more veggies with my other meals. I'm also going to try to have more veggies as snacks as opposed to fruits or sweets.
And my favourite SMART Res has to wait until spring. I want to try to ride at least 4 x/week. Right now its too cold most of the time to ride outside (although Kimfer and I went for an hour and a half on Sunday!) and I don't have the time often enough to haul out somewhere plus ride, cool out the pony, get back to the barn and then back home before work. So that will have to wait - but its on the list!
I'm off to a good start, I literally just got off the treadmill after a half hour and yesterday I had my Chicken Greek salad at work for lunch!
(I looooove our Greek salad dressing. We make our own at the restaurant and its SO dang good. I don't know how people can eat the oily junk from a supermarket shelf!)
So what about you guys? Do you do the NYR thing? Set goals? Or keep on keepin' on?


Flying Lily said...

I LOVE New Year's resolutions. It is such a great chance for a fresh start with conscious planning. Last year mine was to get fit and stop using plastics, and I made a bit of progress on the first one but a ton on the second.

Yours sound great. I think I will adapt them. But I will need a gallon of that salad dressing. *-* As far as bitter vegetables, do you buy organics? I find they taste sweeter....

Laura said...

Those sound like great goals, Cdn!

I need to add working out to my schedule for sure!

I'm sure you can get to your goals - you have the motivation to do it this time! We'll cheerlead from the sidelines too!

Ah, the veggie goal - I need to work on this too. I have my few standard go-to veggies, but I need to branch out a bit. Have you tried sneaking veggies into stuff? You could try grating carrots and zucchini into pasta sauce or meatloaf, or if you like soups, you can add veggies there and disguise the flavour a bit... Veggies for snacks is a tough one - let me know if you find some good options...

And I only eat homemade salad dressing - it tastes soooo much better! I'd love to try the dressing from your restaurant - sounds good!

goal #4 about riding is a good one - too bad you have to wait until spring...

I'm working on my fitness goals this weekend - I'll post something soon. I hope I don't "over-goal" myself, as I have a bunch for riding/horses as well. The geek in me is thinking a spreadsheet to keep track is in order!!!

Laura said...

Wow - my comment was practically a book! lol

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

You are inspiring me as well, I need to keep your Smart resolutions as well.. I also have the Wii, and want to commit to use use my Wii Personal trainer, or the gym at my work as part of the 30 minutes 5 times a week commitment...

My horses have been pasture ornaments for way to long, it is time to start riding again!

Stay on course, I hope to as well!