Monday, December 7, 2009

Like a fat kid loves cake

I may have mentioned this before, I have a sweet tooth. I tried to cut out sugar... no dice. I did manage to cut back, some. And then this horrible thing happened.
I was reading the paper and saw a new bakery had opened. Not just any bakery but a cupcake bakery.
And it reminded me that there had been another cupcake bakery that opened a short while ago.
This was terrible.
Cake is good, but most commercial cakes are NOT. And I don't usually bake cake due to Pie being diabetic. But cupcakes?
Cupcakes are delicious, adorable, wonderful, individually portioned. And when a bakery opens that specializes in just cupcakes. And you can go and buy one instead of baking a tray full at home?
Oh my!
Then when you factor in that Pie loves me and heard me talking about this new bakery, wouldn't you know the next day he brings home:
*sigh* What's a girl to do?


Mrs Mom said...

Eat Da CAkes.

Kiss Da Hubby.

And kiss him some more ;) Kissing burns calories ya know...hehehe... And kissing him could lead to umm... dancing! Yeah-- dancing!! Its great exercise!

Promise said...

Eat one at a time. And say thank you to the Hubby for knowing you so well. :)

Laura said...

Well, you wouldn't want that thoughtful gift to go to waste, would you? ;-)

Maybe eat one and freeze the rest? Then you could have one every few days as a treat?

Anonymous said...

All great suggestions! You could also cut them in half and freeze them! That way one half of one would only be 250 calories. You could work that off in no time flat if you put your mind to it! Or, have a whole one and do half an hour of Tae Bo for a, get this, 599 calorie burn! Yep! Just a half hour!

The Corporate Prince does things like that to me too. He loves to bring home my favorite treats "just because". It's taken about 18 months to get him to be more supportive and less enabling, and this is a very recent development. So, we'll see how long it lasts!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

How sweet of Pie. I love it when all you have to do is mention something, and someone who loves you gets it for you. You can't refuse a gift.