Saturday, January 2, 2010

Take A Walk With Us...

Well, we did it. We survived Christmas, the week after, and New Years Eve. We made it to 2010.

I'm not sure HOW we made it, but we did. Phew...

The Little Mens and I have been trying to walk a bit more. A couple days ago, we got feeling really froggy, and walked to the tower that is behind us. While it was a great walk, it will be the last one we make out there. The road back is only about a 1/4 mile long, but... well, let's just say as we got closer to the tower station, my skin prickled and the "Danger!" buzzer in my mind was singing loudly.

We will just have to find other places to walk.
Post ten inch rain deluge, our job during the day for quite a few days was to keep an eye on the pump, and make sure it was doing it's best to drain the water from Sonny's paddock and our yard.
Walking with an almost four year old and a five year old is interesting. Jo the Wonder Nanny Dog does her best to keep up with the lead child (usually Cub,) but by the end of the walk she's lagging back by Wrecking Crew and I, letting Cub get ahead of us some. She sure does get upset though, if he ducks around a bend and out of sight...

I still don't have much of an appetite, and Dear Husband has had to growl at me to make sure I am eating enough the past few days. New Year's celebrations around here tend to go on and on and on for a few days. Sleep has been elusive, as every time there is a firework explosion, or gun shots, I wake up. And when I get *this* tired, I just don't want to eat.

But as long as Dear Husband keeps an eye on me, all is well.

Oh- some neat news! For Christmas, Dear Husband got me a new pair of jeans. Lee Riders-- totally rock by the way, if you ride because you can RIDE in them (horses y'all-- horses!) Anyways-- the jeans are a size smaller than I have been wearing, and there is ROOM in them.

I had to go to the feed store a couple days ago, and I wore my Christmas jeans and a pretty shirt that came with them... the lady that owns the store hadn't seen me for about 5 or 6 weeks, and the first words out of her mouth were: "Oh wow! You have lost a lot of weight!!"

Made my day. Totally.

How is everyone holding up for the new century? Fill us in when you can!!


Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

Wow.. those are the kind of comments that keep us on track.. I am off to my treadmill!

cdncowgirl said...

Still think that feed store comment is totally awesome!

And re your danger signal... listen to it. We women tend to be more attuned and need to listen to our gut instinct.

As to your lack of appetite. You've mentioned it a few times and I've been wondering. Are you eating enough? Adjusting to a smaller amount of food (a healthy smaller amount) and the appetite with that is one thing but its starting to sound like you are REALLY off your feed. Just make sure that even when DH isn't around you remember to eat!

Laura said...

Woohoo to that comment from the feed story lady - gotta like those!!!

Ditto to what Cdn said though - being off your feed too much isn't good either though... take care of yourself, young lady! :-)

Anonymous said...

Eating is important. Really, it's a vital part of the weight loss process. If you don't eat, your metabolism slows and your body goes into starvation mode, saving calories rather than burning them.

I'm working on being better at eating breakfast. It really does fuel your day. I feel better and have so much more energy when I eat breakfast than when I don't.

Now, about your tingly spidey sense... Ever figure out why it went off?

Mrs Mom said...

I promise, I've been eating- healthy stuff too. Its just a battle to get much down. For example: New Years supper at Moms was ham (again... I am kinda ham'd and I could barely eat a slice. Dear Husband made his famous brown sauce and beef tips, that we either make into a hearty stew or just eat over egg noodles or rice, and I've been eating that a bit at a time, but I can't get much down before I start feeling... ugh.

Does that make ANY sense?

My spidey sense... Not really sure what set it off, but something did. We do know we have squatters back there (illegals) so it may well have been them. I just had a strong strong sense of being... watched. Like... prey. Wasn't just me- the dog felt it too. So she and I herded up the kids and double timed it on out of there. Even armed, I don't like being in the position of "potential prey".

I'll keep on keeping on with the nummies, healthy nummies even, and being careful- I promise!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your body just wants lighter fair? A salad or a soup maybe?

I'm ham'ed out too. But, I didn't eat it more than 2 days. The hubby finished most of it and I'm going to give the teeny bit I forgot was in the fridge to Freya.

I've learned that if my spidey sense is triggered, I should see what the dog is doing. I can have an over-active imagination at times. And, well, I don't hear very well (auditory processing disorder). So, I really, really, really rely on the dogs to tell me what I'm missing.

I've also begun to rely on the dogs (whichever one I take with) to diffuse the nasty, senile lab that lives across from the top of our driveway. They send the right messages that diffuse her aggression really quick.

I am glad that you and the little mens are alright!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

It looks like it is still Fall in the South. Congrats on the weight loss. Speaking of gunshots, tonight I heard coyotes screaming off in the distance while I was blanketing the horses for the night. The howling and wailing was followed up with gunshots, then silence. Creepy. There were so many gunshots on New Year's that the horses don't pay attention to it anymore.

Promise said...

That's great news! Congrats on the new jeans being loose!

I held steady over the holidays, which is great. I either wanted to maintain or lose a pound or two.

I am not renewing my gym membership this year but I have plans to get back into my Jillian Michaels DVD once the rest of the house is unpacked (so next Monday, probably)...and walk the dog around the new neighborhood once the temps warm up a bit...this weather in Florida is crazy and downright cold for us! Brr!!

I have been planning to get laser hair removal on my legs this year forever...and I won't let myself do it until I've lost at LEAST another 10 lbs. So...gotta get my butt in gear so I don't have to shave anymore! :-P