Friday, January 8, 2010

I've been holding out on you guys...

So, as the title suggests, I have some news that I didn't tell everyone. It's not really that big of a deal, but I was feeling guilty that I hadn't yet spilled the beans!

One of my goals on my list was to start working out regularly. I've been trying to pysch myself up to start a exercise routine of any kind since my legs stopped hurting so much in November. I did not do well at all - I was overthinking everything (as usual) and would talk myself out of even trying anything. Due to my overthinking tendencies, I often have to trick myself or outsmart myself to get anything done. Sometimes bribery works, but usually I have to resort to drastic measures...

Problem 1 - I was lacking motivation
Solution - Hire a personal trainer. (Hubby offered to help me, but I didn't want to get grouchy and mad at him!)

Problem 2 - I hate leaving the house after I get home from work because it is cold, dark and miserable.
Solution - Stop somewhere on the way home, so I wouldn't get stuck.

So, over the holidays, I was talking with my brother in law, who works out once a week with a trainer. This trainer is a friend of his and she has a small private fitness studio downtown. A-ha! This is a solution to problem 2 - I work east of downtown and live west of downtown, so I could stop there on my way home!

I called and spoke to this lady and she was busy, so she assigned me to one of her other trainers.

He sent me an email to set up an appointment and I noticed that he had his own web site. I thought I would have a look and see if I could learn a bit about this guy before going in to meet him.

Go check out the web site - I'll wait here while you do. No need to read the whole site, just check out the pictures at the top...

Did you see the pictures? Holy cow - I was totally intimidated going to meet this guy. I'm a short chubby middle-aged chick and this guy is a professional actor, model AND an athlete! Yikes!

I had my first appointment on Wednesday and all of my worry was for nothing. He is super nice, easy-going and really knowledgeable about exercise and fitness. I think he will be a good motivator for me to get my workouts back on track.

I was joking with my hubby that this guy is my own personal Tommy Europe! :-) Any of you guys that watch Bulging Brides or the Last 10lbs Bootcamp will know what I mean!

Here's to progress! (however painful and


cdncowgirl said...

Yeah I'd have been a bit worried about going to meet him! Worried I'd make a fool of myself with all the drooling! lol
However I did take a moment to glance through his page and really like the fact that he's got over 10 years experience in fitness AND that he's had to deal with his own injuries/recoveries.
Sounds like you've got a game plan :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

4th Sexiest Canadian Male of 2008! You hit the jackpot, girl!

Anonymous said...

Heeheehee! I'd give most anything to workout with Tommy Europe!

Lucky, lucky Laura! Your own personal trainer! And a hottie at that!

Flying Lily said...

Holy Sixpack! What a hunk. You actually exercise in front of this man??

Laura said...

I knew you girls would appreciate the "situation"! :-)

@Flying Lily - yes, somehow I managed to exercise. I was a bit embarrassed on my first visit, but he is very nice and friendly, so I just suck it up and do what I'm told.

Slamdunk said...

Congrats on the new routine--I am sure you will feel much better in the coming months.